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Selden Edwards’ Masterpiece

I champion, recommend and devour books on a regular basis. My appetite for reading makes it hard to pick favorites, but last night I finished one that surpasses much of what I’ve read in the past year. Billed as his … Continue reading

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Another Reason I Love Stephanie Kallos

I’m a knitter, and so is Pacific Northwest author Stephanie Kallos, incidentally. In fact, I absolutely love this essay of hers drawing parallels between novel writing and sock knitting. Inspired by her, as well as the stocking I’m working on for … Continue reading

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A Mess, a Lovely Mess

In the short lull between finishing my small-town newspaper novel, “Body Copy,” and beginning the first draft of my new one, I discovered this essay by one of my favorite writers, Stephanie Kallos. It’s about the process of writing novel number … Continue reading

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The Joy of Powell’s

I’m a book browser, a title checker, a back-cover blurb skimmer. I’m also a sucker for staff recommendations–but only the handwritten ones with (occasionally) too many exclamation points that punctuate the shelves at independent bookstores. That being said, I’m in … Continue reading

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The Novel Group

I admit it: I work best when someone holds me accountable. Thankfully, I belong to two local writing groups. Both are meeting this week, but today I want to write about the one I’ve belonged to longest. Liz Prato envisioned … Continue reading

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Three Themes

Writing. Reading. Community. Every day, I write. Every night, I read. And I’m thankful for the communities of writers, knitters, moms and neighbors that enrich my life. While this blog will focus on the process of writing my third novel, … Continue reading

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