Three Themes

Writing. Reading. Community.

Every day, I write. Every night, I read. And I’m thankful for the communities of writers, knitters, moms and neighbors that enrich my life. While this blog will focus on the process of writing my third novel, set in the research-heavy realm of mechanical music, it’ll keep circling these three themes. Writing. Reading. Community.

Reading transitions me from the day into sleep. I read to fill myself up with thoughts and beautiful language. To meet interesting characters. To make a nest in a different consciousness and then return there as time allows–until the last page.

I’m also a rereader. Most books get a second, or third, or fourth, chunk of time from me, which is one of the reasons I buy them. They’re worth the small cost for hours of entertainment, and each time I reread a novel, I learn new things about the craft. If writers aren’t out there using dollars to support other writers, then where’s the audience? Who’s out there?


That’s what I mean about community, perhaps. We need to support each other, as writers, as human beings, as neighbors, whatever your definition of community is. For me, a former small-town newspaper reporter, community means local. It’s knitters. It’s my fellow writing group members and the joy of “Oh, it’s you, hello!” when we get together. It’s also moms, professional connections, and running into someone at the local farmers’ market. Community is a way to connect with the world in a specific way, which is what I love about writing. And reading.

So welcome to my blog.

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