Another Reason I Love Stephanie Kallos

I’m a knitter, and so is Pacific Northwest author Stephanie Kallos, incidentally. In fact, I absolutely love this essay of hers drawing parallels between novel writing and sock knitting. Inspired by her, as well as the stocking I’m working on for my daughter, I wanted to post these photos.

I’ve always shied away from color knitting, but in the spirit of the season, I’m attempting intarsia for the first time. It’s not pretty:

This is the tangled back of the stocking.

All those loose ends make me think of my new novel’s storyline, and how my intended protagonist’s ancestor is bumbling around causing so much havoc that I need to toss my outline in the recycling.

When flipped over, though, there’s a picture emerging on the front of the stocking. It’s not perfect, it’s not a great example of its kind, but it’s telling a story.

Santa and a reindeer are miraculously appearing!

I can only hope the loose ends I’m tussling with in my new novel will turn into something lovely. Or at least something strong enough to call Draft 1, so I can then move on to tighten, knot, weave and snip.

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