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A New Year’s Resolution

My dad’s mind is filled with music all the time. My dad practices the piano daily. He works on exercises and improvises, almost exclusively playing by ear. The keys are a language his hands know. The sound echoes around the … Continue reading

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Books, Glorious Books

I love reading books, but I also love owning them and re-reading them, as I’ve said before. I’m thankful, this holiday season, for those that were wrapped up and placed gently under the tree. They’ll keep me company all year. I’m … Continue reading

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Handwritten Cards (Not Really Written)

Since 2002 or so, I’ve been making my own holiday cards. The extra effort and attention pays off in a lower-cost result, as well as a message that’s truly from me. This year’s cards are mostly in the mail, except … Continue reading

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Creative Courage: The Woman Behind Blissful Knits & Dyeworks

My friend Raya is intensely, incredibly creative. She astounds me with her proficiency, range, imagination and sheer output. Those are all great qualities for a fiction writer, but that’s not her passion. Raya’s an expert knitter. She has started her … Continue reading

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Scene Versus Narrative

I’m still thinking about last night’s writing group (the anonymous one I hinted about in a previous post). Each writer had amazing pages to share, ones that made us laugh, shake our heads or sit there with our mouths dropped … Continue reading

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Using One Unbelievable Element

Much of the literary fiction I’ve been enjoying lately calls for a suspension of disbelief. There’s an immediate contract asked of the reader to set aside common sense and immerse themselves in an unbelievable element. Readers must accept that contract if … Continue reading

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