Creativity and Motherhood

A creative bump came from my daughter as I was working on a light study in the back yard.

Often when I’m working on a project, my 3-year-old interrupts. This results in haphazardly finished sentences, dropped stitches and lost thoughts.

I’m trying to embrace this interference, though, thanks to a sun-filled afternoon here in Oregon. As I was taking some photographs of how green things are (once the cloud cover lifts), my daughter bumped against me.

This image–the result–is much more interesting than the one I had planned to capture. And it says something about how being a parent makes you see the world in a different light. Being knocked off-balance can be a good thing for your own sense of perspective.

About Laura Stanfill

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4 Responses to Creativity and Motherhood

  1. Caron Reeder says:

    I relate to this post so much! I like your perspective and I’m sure I’ll remember it the next time I’m interrupted by Bryce.

  2. Christi Krug says:

    How true, Laura! I love that you called it “a creative bump.” Sometimes our kids give them to us. Sometimes the work itself. “Being knocked off balance can be a good thing for your own sense of perspective.” Yes! And the beauty that follows is amazing.

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