Sharing Some Handmade Love

What better way to celebrate love, and de-Hallmark V-Day, than let a 3-year-old loose with craft supplies?

These class valentines took a few weeks to complete, mostly because my daughter kept giving the finished ones away at playdates. She cut, glued, stickered, glittered, watercolored, markered and occasionally asked me for help.

They’re not slick, or even uniform in any way, and her classmates will probably take the stickers off–or add their own–but the act of making them was a great experience. And I did my best not to give advice about how cutting a doily heart into pieces might send the wrong message.

Today happens to be my mom’s birthday–so some of the love captured in the pink-hued photo is for her!

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1 Response to Sharing Some Handmade Love

  1. Jake says:

    Childrens’ art is so earnest and adorable!

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