WIPs (Works-in-Progress)

This is an in-progress photo of Pogona, a lovely, drapey shawl pattern by designer Stephen West.

I want my new novel to be like my latest shawl. The pattern, Pogona, by Stephen West, features long, clean lines and elegant triangles surrounded by fields of purl bumps. I love the easy flow of the pattern. Knitting something so impressive doesn’t feel complicated–and that’s West’s genius.

The yarn is amazing, too, Socks that Rock Mediumweight by Blue Moon Fiber Arts, a local Oregon company. The colorway is Heathered, but that doesn’t begin to describe the colors themselves. They are rich and varied but their cool tones don’t overwhelm one another. Denim blue, brick red, the browns and greens of gardening, an occasional whiff of lavender, and white that keeps skating over the line into yellow.

I love this shawl. But what makes me want to compare it to my new novel?

Perhaps I’m aiming for the same kind of beauty, the long lines of theme, the triangle panels of scenes that push forth other scenes once you get to a certain point in the narrative. The colors are confident without being overwhelming, and that’s I want my historical language to evoke. And I want the reader to experience the same flow as I did when knitting Pogona–moving forward, wondering what the next rows would bring, imagining how the whole thing will come together.

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