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Thoughts on Finishing (and Muddling)

What Jennifer Chen said about the immediacy of baking in her Seven Questions interview on Monday really resonated with me. I’ve always thought of knitting as a perfect companion to writing, much the way she talks about baking. With yarn and … Continue reading

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Interview: Jennifer Chen, Magazine Freelancer and YA Novelist

Jennifer Chen is a successful, multi-faceted writer, and I’m so pleased to feature her in this installment of the Seven Questions interview series. As a magazine freelancer, Jennifer’s work has been published widely. You can read her interview with Def … Continue reading

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Happy Accidents

Sometimes a mistake can change one’s point of view. Getting lost and ending up in a neighborhood you’ve never seen before. Angling for a photo and snapping at the wrong time, capturing something totally unlike what you intended. Breaking a … Continue reading

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Flipbacks: The Latest Publishing Trend?

My librarian friend Tamara sent me a link to this Guardian article about the lightweight flipback book format that’ll be available in England this summer. It’s portable, pocketable and obviously marketable. The Sly Oyster reports the flipback debuted in Holland in … Continue reading

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AP Announces a (Shocking!) Style Update

I just ran across this Huffington Post story about recent changes to the AP Stylebook, “the journalist’s bible,” and it feels like the black-and-white world has tilted a bit. As of this past weekend, there’s no longer a dash in … Continue reading

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Beautiful Things

After a brief respite from real life, my creative well has been refilled. I have been wandering around San Francisco and also enjoying a mini-writing retreat. Focusing on the interesting sights and on the slowly growing novel world has been … Continue reading

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Interview: Artist Jacob Fennell on Game Design, Inspiration and the Challenge of Creating ‘Productive Reductions’

Interdisciplinary artist Jacob Fennell is the brains behind Muddy Paws, an addictive new iPhone game that has an extremely high happiness quotient. Think puppies! Kittens wearing parachutes! And rainbows! The object is to catch falling furry friends in a little … Continue reading

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Details: Where Fiction and Real Life Intersect

When I was younger, I kept a notebook in my pocket to jot down unusual sights and record snippets of dialogue to use in a novel someday. It’s a method that works for many people, and it taught me discipline. … Continue reading

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Interview: Author Liz Prato on Identity, POV and Teaching

This interview launches my new series, Seven Questions. I’m excited to introduce Liz Prato, a short story writer, novelist, essayist and writing teacher, based here in Portland, Oregon. She’s an important part of my personal writing community as well as … Continue reading

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Seven Questions

This month I’m launching Seven Questions, an occasional interview series that will hopefully turn into an ongoing conversation about what it means to be a creative professional in this economy. As a journalist, I love asking writers and other artistic … Continue reading

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