Writing Challenge #1

Have any prompts or suggestions for the new Writing Challenge feature? Contact me and I'll credit you with the idea.

I built my first two novels around in-depth character explorations, often sparked by a prompt from a fellow writer or from A WRITER’S BOOK OF DAYS, the wonderful guide by Judy Reeves. If the suggestion was “Write about the dark,” I’d ramble for a few pages about my character experiencing a particular night. That would lead me straight into scene.

My current historical novel is coming together plot-first, but I still value that kind of freewriting exercise–where someone else casts me a line that I can use as an anchor for character exploration.

In that spirit, I’m initiating a writing challenge feature here on my blog. I’ll offer regular prompts and exercises to get the creative juices flowing. I’ll ask some guest writers to pitch in. And if you guys have a suggestion, please feel free to comment or e-mail me through my website contact page. If I use your idea as a writing challenge, I’ll give you credit and I’ll link the post to your blog or website if you have one.

Today’s prompt: What’s in your character’s wallet?

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