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Let Your Story Grow

Let’s face it. As writers, there are times we need a little extra encouragement. (Or a hug.) Sometimes it’s so hard to escape into a story world when there are other, more visible tasks pressing for attention. It takes a … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge #5: The Parsnip

This is a giant parsnip. Sometimes writers get timid on the page. Unsure. We let our anxieties, or our fear about what people might think, get in the way of the work we’re trying to do. This can make certain … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Emerald Barnes Discusses Publishing an E-book, Marketing Strategies and Effective Writing Habits

Emerald Barnes is the author of the novella PIERCING THROUGH THE DARKNESS, an e-book for Amazon Kindle. She’s here today as part of my Seven Questions interview series, where I ask writers, artists and other creative professionals about their work, their … Continue reading

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Maybe I Need a Hug–or a Vacation

Time for a confession. My novel LOST NOTES has been frustrating me since I decided to examine my protagonist’s motivation. Instead of finding his, I lost mine. Then I walked away from the page. For more than a week, which … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Local Writing Resource

I moved to Portland, Oregon, in September 2001, sight unseen, because I had heard about the city’s excellent coffee, independent bookstores and craft brewpubs. I also hoped to connect with other writers. Within the first few months, I discovered a … Continue reading

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The Flipback Book, Part 2: Exclusive Interview with Arthur van Keulen of Jongbloed BV, the Dutch publishing company

With the flipback set to debut in England next month, I’m so pleased to introduce Arthur van Keulen, international marketing manager of Jongbloed BV, the Dutch publishing company that created this innovative book format. The goal of the product, as … Continue reading

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All You Want to Know About the Flipback Book (Part 1)

Could the flipback revolutionize publishing? Definitely. Here’s why, starting with a definition of this innovative book format for those of you who missed Patrick Kingsley’s column in the Guardian. While flipbacks certainly play into the smaller-is-better trend in entertainment, unlike e-readers, no … Continue reading

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