How Sweet Is This?

Anthony Lee Collins over at U-Town has given me the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award.

I’m so excited to have earned my very first blogging award–and that picture is making me drool about the upcoming Hood strawberry season here in Oregon.

There are four rules to receiving this award:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.

Thanks, Anthony! That’s so, well, sweet of you! You can find his website here. If you want to know more about Anthony and his many interesting projects, check out his comprehensive About page.

2. Share seven random facts about yourself.

Yikes. Let’s see. These open-ended questions make me nervous, probably because of my journalism background. Nevertheless:

  • I’m a total rule follower.
  • Anything red makes me really happy. Especially yarn.
  • The only reason I have been able to handle our long, cold, wet spring is due to my handknit shawls. Wearing one is like wrapping myself in a half-blanket, while still looking stylish. (Or at least writerly.)
  • I have way more books than bookshelves.
  • Hurray for long meandering road trips! I’ve been to every state at least once, and I’ve written a road-trip novel.
  • Speaking of states, I’m from New Jersey. I miss my friends and the food, but Portland’s my home now.
  • I read every night. No matter what.

3. Pass the award along to 15 deserving blog buddies.

In no particular order:

Christi Craig of Writing Under Pressure

Jody Moller of The Exasperated Novelist

Jo Eberhardt of The Happy Logophile

Christi Krug of Kindling

Jackie Shannon Hollis

Barbara Ann Wright

Lisa of Fitness Forsaken

Lynn Biederstadt of Sky Diaries

Emerald Barnes of Dreaming Awake

Scott Morgan of WriteHook

Liz Hellebuyck of Purgatory (AKA Editing)

Cynthia Sally Haggard of Spun Stories


Raya Budrevich of Blissful Knits & Dyeworks

And finally, Amy Bilhorn Thomas, whose blog I just discovered and am excited to explore and follow.

4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.

Will do! Thanks again, Anthony.

About Laura Stanfill

Publisher, Forest Avenue Press
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19 Responses to How Sweet Is This?

  1. This made me smile! Just what I needed! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your sweet award. 🙂
    BTW, red things make me happy, too. If I didn’t actively counter the urge, every piece of clothing I bought would probably be red or have red in it.

  3. Jo Eberhardt says:

    Thanks, Laura.
    Are you allowed to nominate back the person who nominated you? 🙂

  4. Jody Moller says:

    Thanks. Receiving it twice is just double the honour! And of course congrats to you. Very deserving.

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  6. I’m thrilled! This is my second blog award, and I’ve only been doing it since December. It’s wonderful to meet all the other bloggers out there, and I’ll look forward to visiting all the blogs you mention. Will also try to follow the rules with a post on my blog soon!

    Best, Cynthia

  7. Wow Laura! You made my day. I’m honored to be included on your list, especially given that my blog is still in its infancy. What’s funny is that I’ve already been reading your blog for a while, having come across it via the usual Pinewood Table suspects. Lovely to see how we have stumbled upon on another. A post of thanks and paying it forward will appear on my blog soon. Until then, thank you so much.

    Best, Amy

    • My pleasure, Amy! And hurray for the Pinewood Table. Are you at the table now? I know most of the earlier generation, as I started in 2002 and then came back in 2006-07, but I did meet some of the more recent attendees at a workshop this spring. I love the sense of community that has formed around Stevan and Joanna! This moment is a great example of that.

      • Actually, I’m super old school. I sat at the table for about a year in 2000-2001. It wasn’t the Pinewood Table back then, it was just a bunch of us from the old Haystack summer program piling up at J’s table or in Stevan’s studio trying to figure out this whole writing thing. Looks like we just missed each other. What fun to connect now!

        • Super old school–excellent, Amy! It would be fun to play the name game sometime and see who we know in common, because I’m sure there are overlaps. I never did make it to Haystack, alas. I’m very glad to meet you now, though. Are you in Portland or am I making that up?

          • There may very well be thousands of writers in Portland, but I’ve yet to find more than one or two degrees of separation between the lot. Who knows, put the two of us together and we might actually know everyone 🙂

            (And yes, that means I am still in Portland. You are not making that up.)

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