Writing Challenge #6: Pick a Prompt and Go for It!

When I interviewed novelist Yuvi Zalkow, I suggested everyone view his presentation, “I’m a failed writer.” If you missed it, today’s challenge is for you.

Pop over to his site. Watch all 14 minutes of “I’m a failed writer #1: Revisions.” You’ll be entertained all the way through, I promise, and you’ll learn something, too.

When you get to the part where Yuvi lists exercises to force yourself to look at your manuscript through a different lens, pay attention. Slow down, or back up and pause, then pick one of his prompts. Open a blank document (or a notebook) and write.

Here are two images from his presentation to give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

That’s today’s challenge. Thanks for jotting down so many great ideas, Yuvi! I’m confident this exercise will inspire and/or unstick writers, whether they’re working through a first draft or a fifth one.

Feel free to leave comments about your results here or over on Yuvi’s site. And if you have an idea for a writing challenge, send me a note at laurastanfill at hotmail dot com. If I choose to your suggestion as a future challenge, I’ll credit you and link to your site or blog (or both). It’s another way I’m trying to build community around here.

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9 Responses to Writing Challenge #6: Pick a Prompt and Go for It!

  1. I never finished watching that video, and now, I wish that I would’ve! I actually had the thought last night while cooking about writing a flash fiction piece with no dialogue whatsoever! It’s a challenge I hope that I can do justice because I feel like I rely on dialogue too much at times, and I want to work on using other ways of revealing certain aspects of my stories. Great post, and I do plan to finish watching his video and working on this challenge!

    • Thanks for your comment, Emerald–and I’m glad I could issue a reminder to go watch Yuvi’s presentation! It’s great that one of the prompts struck a chord with you already. I think I’m going to write 700 words about a minor character, although there are other ideas embedded in his presentation, too, so I may change my mind!

      • I need to do something along those lines! I’m just stuck in my novel. I haven’t had the drive to write it lately, and I don’t know what to do. I’m hoping some prompt writing might work!

  2. Yuvi says:

    Very nice of you to suggest my video, Laura! It’s funny — when I first wrote those suggestions, I scribbled them down very fast, just ideas off the top of my head… Some of them, of course, were exercises that I had already taken on myself to get unstuck in my writing. But some of them were things that I’d never even thought of before. So I tried some of them afterwards…. And they turned out helpful. Most recently, I did some free-writing about a minor character that I knew I hadn’t explored enough within a particular scene in my novel. It was a useful way to figure out who he was– without the pressure of the scene he was in.

    Anyway, I’ve enjoyed your great posts on your blog.

    • Thanks for loaning me the screenshots, Yuvi! Prompts are such a great way to unstick oneself and to generate new content or a new perspective on your old content. I love the idea of pulling a minor character out of the story and exploring his/her personality more. My novel world is so full of forces that are acting upon my protagonist that I think such an exercise would be really beneficial at this stage in my draft.

  3. Laura, I’m catching up on blog reading, and I stopped by this post last night — perfect! The video is just what I needed, and I love the list of prompts.

  4. LKD says:

    I needed to see this. Right now. Today. Thank you, and Yuvi!

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