Aerial Portland

Portland, Oregon, inaugurated two space-age looking trams back in 2007. Yesterday, on yet another gray summer morning, my friend and I took our kiddos for their first ride.

As I’m complaining about the weather while many states are suffering from a heat wave, it seems important to note we’ve had the second-wettest spring in 117 years, according to this morning’s Oregonian. All summer, so far, we’ve only had seven days that have hit 80 degrees or higher. Seven.

The trams run from the South Waterfront to OHSU, one of our major metropolitan hospitals. My doctor-obsessed daughter was thrilled to observe all the passengers wearing scrubs and lab coats. It was a great activity for a day that was too cold–again–for the pool.

It’s been a while since I shared a photo essay, so here you go.

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12 Responses to Aerial Portland

  1. Sarah Mullen Gilbert says:

    What great photos! Especially enjoy the last one. I love Portland but don’t get to visit very often, so thanks for giving me a glimpse 🙂

    • Thanks, Sarah! It was fun to choose that last photo against the colder, futuristic photos and the landscape shots. We need to go back on a clear day next time to see the mountains!

  2. Nice pics! I love aerial shots of Portland.

  3. Christi Krug says:

    From vast skyviews, bridges and buildings, to tiny hands. Lovely!

  4. This is awesome – I love the way these trams look! And the photos are great. I also think that it’s awesome that your daughter is doctor-obsessed. Way more original than being ballerina or princess obsessed :P.

    • Thanks, slightlyignorant! And great point about my kiddo and her doctor obsession. She was one of two girls in her preschool class who didn’t dress up as a princess or fairy or princess-fairy costume last Halloween. And she takes her doctoring very seriously. This week she bandaged her little friend’s foot at the playground, then begged a second Band-Aid from me so he’d have one play with…

  5. This is great. It makes me want to visit Portland.

    • You should definitely put Portland on your must-visit list. It’s a great city, even when it’s raining! I moved here in 2001 for a year, just to check it out, and never left.

  6. pennyjars says:

    Ah lovely. Portland has been on my list for a good long time. The closest I’ve come is that tree house resort way down south of you. And the last photo, perfect.

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