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Author Interview: Scott Sparling Discusses His Debut Novel’s ‘Dream-Come-True’ Success and How the Book Evolved

It’s no wonder that Scott Sparling’s debut, WIRE TO WIRE, has been well-received by critics and readers. It’s intense. It’s provocative. It’s also amazingly beautiful. The heady pace of WIRE TO WIRE, an adrenaline rush of a crime novel, matches the … Continue reading

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Celebrating 100 Posts With Another Giveaway

Technically, Monday’s interview with Stephen O’Donnell was post #100, but since I schedule my Seven Questions series in advance, #101 will have to do. I’m excited about reaching my first blogging milestone, especially considering the fact that I’ve written 3/4 … Continue reading

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Artist Interview: Figurative Painter Stephen O’Donnell on Self Portraiture, Gender Roles and Researching Historical Details

Stephen O’Donnell’s figurative paintings make viewers feel as if they’re peering into a secret world. His is an alternative history, replete with charm and sumptuous costumes, while still addressing modern sensibilities. Stephen plays with gender roles as he drops readers … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge #8: Behind-the-Scenes Engineering

I recently completed Cascade, a baby cardigan, for a friend due this month. What looks like a sweet, simple leaf design is actually a complex feat of engineering. The designer is Raya Budrevich of Blissful Knits & Dyeworks, known for … Continue reading

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What I Learned at the Writing Retreat

I’m back home, but my brain is still on vacation. The past week, living in a bunkhouse in the woods in southern Oregon, taking long walks and waking each morning to a full day of writing, has refreshed me and … Continue reading

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The Joy of a Writing Retreat

I’ll be away from this blog all week, as I’m heading toward my annual writing retreat in the mountains. There’s no Internet. No email. No cell phone reception. So please comment as usual, and I’ll respond when I readjust to … Continue reading

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The Flipback Bookmark: Some Photos of “The Other Hand”

Due to popular request, here are a few more flipback pictures, including some of the tiny and oh-so-useful bookmark courtesy of Arthur van Keulen of Jongbloed BV, the Dutch publishers of the dwarsligger. And congratulations to Sarah of handstitch, who … Continue reading

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This Riot Isn’t in My Outline…

My outline failed this week, halfway through my historical novel. Until now I’ve been rowing along happily using my outline as the oars. I didn’t write down every scene, so there’s been a lot of invention along the way and … Continue reading

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My Flipback and Yours? Announcing a Giveaway!

The “Cloud Atlas” flipback I ordered from England arrived recently, and it was totally worth the wait. Even better, some complimentary copies from Arthur van Keulen, international marketing manager of Jongbloed BV, appeared on my doorstep this past Friday. What … Continue reading

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