The Flipback Bookmark: Some Photos of “The Other Hand”

Due to popular request, here are a few more flipback pictures, including some of the tiny and oh-so-useful bookmark courtesy of Arthur van Keulen of Jongbloed BV, the Dutch publishers of the dwarsligger.

And congratulations to Sarah of handstitch, who won this copy of Chris Cleave’s “The Other Hand” in my first flipback giveaway! If you didn’t win this time, stay tuned for another chance to win one here in a few weeks. And Sarah, we’d love to hear about your flipback experience once you get yours in the mail.

My 4-year-old wouldn't let go of this book, not even for the photo shoot. She loves that flipbacks are "her size."

Here's the cool clippy bookmark that I'm using to find my place among the thin pages.

If you compare this photo with the inside photos of "Cloud Atlas" I posted earlier this week, you'll see that "Cloud Atlas" has tighter leading (due to being a very long book, I'm guessing). The red ribbon is the bookmark in action.

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5 Responses to The Flipback Bookmark: Some Photos of “The Other Hand”

  1. handstitch says:

    WOW…did I really win? Oh…THANK YOU. I have never won anything on the web or in person. I’m so excited. How can I get my address to you offline?

    • You can email me at laurastanfill at hotmail dot com with your address! That’s too funny–just yesterday I drew another name because I hadn’t heard from you and didn’t see a direct email on your blog. So now I guess I’m giving away two. I’m glad you came back and found this, though. And please keep us informed about what you think about the flipback! I’m so interested in other people’s reading experiences with the format.

  2. handstitch says:

    No. Your reply through WordPress stays on your blog, nowhere else. Of course, WordPress doesn’t tell you of such!!! I learned that too recently and have to catch up by sending personal emails one by one..I only discovered I won when I came back for some inspiration and saw your other post. Nonetheless, .I’ve sent you a separate email with my address 😀 Thanks so much for the giveaway, Laura.

    • I’m glad you found the post, and thanks for sending me your address! If you’re in your WordPress Dashboard, then there’s a link to “My Comments” on the left side, and that’ll show you where you’ve commented and what other comments have been left. Maybe that’ll help you!

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