Another Chance to Win a Flipback!

This copy of Chris Cleave's novel could be yours!

This week I’m giving away another flipback book, courtesy of Arthur van Keulen of Jongbloed BV, the Dutch publishing company that created the innovative pocket-sized format.

If you don’t know about these books yet, click on the “flipback” category on the sidebar and then peruse the posts there.

This week you have a chance to win a copy of Chris Cleave’s “The Other Hand.” As I just figured out recently, it’s known in America as “Little Bee.”

All you have to do is answer this question: Where would you read a flipback book? Would you bring it on your public transportation commute, or to the gym, or just keep it on the coffee table to show your friends?

The font size and leading used in this flipback are very similar--possibly identical?--to "regular" books.

I’ll draw the winner using on Friday morning, Sept. 30, around 8 a.m. West Coast time.

Feel free to comment multiple times if a discussion arises, but I’ll only count your first one in the drawing. If you publicize this giveaway on your blog, I’ll give you a second slot in the drawing.

If I cannot reach the winner within a week’s time, I will draw another name. That’s so I definitely get to give the flipback away, and don’t accidentally give two away (as happened the last time).

So there you go. Comment away, and good luck!

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13 Responses to Another Chance to Win a Flipback!

  1. Bob CW says:

    I think I’d keep it in the back pocket of my jeans and read it at the moments I would normally check my social media. I think it would be useful to break the spell and paranoid pull of my smartphome.

    • Great plan, Bob. I love the idea of replacing social media with a novel. The books are about the same size as a smartphone, or so I’ve heard (since I don’t own one myself). And so far it looks like your chances of winning are quite good! Thanks for commenting.

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  3. Tom Bentley says:

    Laura, do the books come in different flavors too? I am a little worried though, because even though that’s a small child on the cover of The Other Hand, for some reason the book looks like condom packaging to me. I’ll speak to my psychiatrist.

    I did mention your book giveaway here:

    … but not in much detail, so it’s probably worth half a slot…

    • Yes, Tom! Twelve flavors total–so far. The sunset on this one, and the box-like size of the book, are rather, ahem, reminiscent of a particular drug store aisle, now that you mention it. I listed all the British launch titles here if you’re interested:

      You’re definitely in for two slots. Thanks for commenting and linking–and again for the 2012 GLA contest you ran! I’m so excited to get my copy and to promote it–likely right here on my blog and/or Goodreads.

  4. Ooo, another giveaway! I would keep it in my purse, which already weighs too much and houses a fat calendar, a tattered notebook, and a pencil bag. BUT, that flipback, I bet, is just small enough to fit in the corner, next to my reading glasses. Perfect. And good for reading in those moments when I’m caught waiting — for a dance class to end, for the school bell to ring. You know.

    • Love your thoughts, Christi, and the description of your purse! I have a feeling that a flipback would nestle in there perfectly, having toted “Cloud Atlas” around in mine for a few weeks. (I have a similarly overstuffed purse that keeps eating my keys.)

  5. I think I’d keep it in my purse to read in the “car rider” line at my kids’ school or while waiting at the doctor’s office. I usually forget to bring along reading material and spend the time skimming articles and news feeds online with my phone.

    • Great answer, Michelle, and thanks for commenting! Now that preschool has started up again for the year, I find myself bringing knitting to pickups, but then I end up stopping midway through a row, or tangling my yarn, or leaving the pattern at home. It’s the perfect time to read a flipback!

  6. Tamara says:

    Yay, contest! I think it would be perfect for backpacking in Great Britain! If I win maybe I can convince my husband to go on that trip we keep talking about (wouldn’t want the flipbook to go to waste) 😉
    I think they are perfect for traveling when you don’t know what book you will be in the mood for.

  7. Sarah Cypher says:

    I’d almost certainly tuck it alongside my Moleskin in my travel bag on my weekly trips to Austin. Highways in Texas are so wonderfully mild and straight that I can read in the car at last!

  8. Bridget says:

    Ooo, I hope I win, I hope I win!! I’d also tuck it in my purse for those moments when I’m waiting for a friend or my mother to meet me at the coffee shop, in the dentist’s office or on long road trips when my husband and I have run out of things to talk about.

  9. I just drew the giveaway winner at and “The Other Hand” will be going to Tamara! Congratulations! I think you have to go to Great Britain now…

    Thanks to everyone who left comments! I love your ideas of where and when to read flipbacks. And stay tuned because I’ll run another flipback giveaway sometime in the next few weeks.

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