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Interview: Speculative Fiction Author Duncan Ellis on NaNoWriMo Priorities, Plotting and Caffeine Consumption

In honor of National Novel Writing Month, and the bleary-eyed scribes who plan to hunker over their computers throughout November, today’s Seven Questions interview is with speculative fiction author Duncan Ellis. Duncan has completed NaNoWriMo seven times, which means he … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween Weekend!

And now for a question: Anyone have a good ghost story? I’m working on fleshing out my spiritualist character and it seems like the proximity to All Hallow’s Eve should help me. Instead I’m focused on baking, costumes and other … Continue reading

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Writing Links: On Community, Book Blurbs, Facebook, Story Worthiness and Potential Publishing Disappointments

Check out Christi Craig’s recent post “One Key to a Writer’s Success: Find Your Community.” As a proponent of building writing communities online and with local scribes, I adore what she has to say on the subject. Author, editor and … Continue reading

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Getting Lost in a Novel: Pat Conroy’s “South of Broad”

My mom doesn’t read much fiction these days. Because when she’s fully immersed in a story, she doesn’t want to do anything but read. Everyday obligations become obstacles. They keep her from the page, and the next page, and being … Continue reading

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Giving Myself Permission to Revise

Once again I’m preparing to break the sacred first-draft rule: Don’t revise. I break this all the time, but don’t always admit to it. When I blogged about submitting my first draft to my critique group in mid-September, Jody Moller … Continue reading

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Happy Writing Links

Google+ has turned me into a squirrel. I forage there daily, and when I find an interesting post, even if I don’t have time to read it, I click on the little eyeglasses icon in my Safari bar to save … Continue reading

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Surprises in the Mail

My kiddo often comments, “I’m so lucky!” That’s exactly how I’m feeling lately. I’ve been thrilled to receive three great books in the mail–all for free! Two I won in giveaways, just by commenting, and one was sent by my friend. … Continue reading

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The Barbie Jeep Method: Part 2

After writing in high gear for the past few weeks and finding myself stuck, I thought about the Hero’s Journey workshop I took with Stevan Allred and Joanna Rose this spring. We had homework–making a giant picture of our character’s … Continue reading

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Attending Wordstock With My Daughter

I usually separate my mom identity from my writing life. But due to a last-minute complication, this Saturday I ended up taking my daughter to Wordstock, Portland’s annual writing festival. I adore Wordstock and have been to every one since … Continue reading

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The Barbie Jeep Method of First Drafts

My 4-year-old is obsessed with a hand-me-down Barbie Jeep that actually runs. She floors it and races across our back yard, then drops her foot off the pedal at the last possible moment. By last possible moment, I mean she … Continue reading

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