Writing Challenge #11: Finish Something

I used to joke I had only knit three socks. Not three pairs. Three socks.

My first pair came together rather quickly. Excited by the outcome, I began a second pair in a lovely reddish-pink Colinette Jitterbug yarn. I completed one sock, got started on the second and promptly moved on to other projects. That was in March 2009. This is called second-sock syndrome. And it has a lot of victims.

I resurrected this old sock project to take to Oregon State's first football game of the season.

Earlier this fall, I grabbed that sad partial sock and took it to a football game. Oregon State lost, but I regained my sock knitting mojo and completed sock #2 later that week. Now I can brighten my feet–and my outlook–during the rainy winter.

So how does this relate to writing? As a novelist, it’s rare to get to the finish line. Completing a stalled knitting project lent me that joy of creation and that boost of knowing I had actually accomplished something.

Today’s challenge is intended to banish any writing ghosts and get your positivity flowing. Here it is: Go finish something. It doesn’t have to be writing related–you can pick a project that’s been hanging over your head for a while, such as organizing the top of your closet or finally putting up the chair rail in your kitchen (ahem). Or choose a story or a poem that you set aside a while ago and revise it.

It’s a great feeling to finish something.

Are these happy looking feet or what?

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13 Responses to Writing Challenge #11: Finish Something

  1. Cute socks! I love them! 😉

    It does feel great to finish something. I just finished the first draft of my WIP yesterday! Today, I’m celebrating by doing my work for womenslitcafe.com! Just kidding. (Although I do have emails to send out. 😉 )

    I’m about to start revision on a novel I want to have out by mid-next year if all goes well. 😀

    • Whoo hoo! Congrats on finishing your draft, Emerald! Those days are so special, because novels take so much work, and most of the time, there’s just another day of writing or editing ahead.

  2. Nisha says:

    I never knitted a pair of socks – the heel part scares me 😛 LOL I still have a baby shawl that I started two years ago but I still haven’t completed it! I prefer scarves-they’re quicker to finish!

    My WIP is even worse. I still have 3 short stories waiting to be completed and tons of editing to be done! Guess there’s no partying for me this weekend 😦

    • The heel is so much easier than it seems, Nisha–if you have a good pattern and some uninterrupted time to sit and turn the heel all in one go. I do love wearing my wool socks all winter, so that probably means I should make more! What do you usually like to knit?

      As far as your WIP, it sounds like you’ve been very productive with having a manuscript to edit plus three short stories in the works. You’re bound to hit a finish line sooner or later! And I’ll be cheering for you when you do!

      • Nisha says:

        Awww, thank you Laura for your support, I could do with some cheerleaders! 😉

        I prefer scarves ’cause they’re easier to knit but I’ve also made some beanies that came out pretty cool-I quite enjoying the ‘ribbing’ part when I make the edges of the beanie 😀

  3. Caron says:

    What darling socks Laura! This is inspiring. I need to finish some projects for sure.

  4. Emma Burcart says:

    Finish something! I love it. It’s so simple that I can do it. Especially if I get to decide what makes something done.

    • Yes, totally! I have found myself picking off small projects lately just for the thrill of finishing something. (Finishing a pint of Ben and Jerry’s counts too, I would think, especially if your freezer is full and you need the space for another pint…)

  5. kvetchmom says:

    Those are the cutest socks ever. I love the idea of just finishing something, anything (please g-d anything!). I have about ten poems that need to be revised. I think you’ve given me the inspiration to get a move on. Thank you!

    • Thanks, kvetchmom! They’re simple but I love the color and they make me so happy. Yes, it’s so liberating to finish something–anything! It sounds like those 10 poems are just waiting for some attention, and even if you get one completed, it’ll feel so wonderful.

  6. Debra Kristi says:

    I don’t think I could knit to save my life, but finish something – well, that I should be able to accomplish. I have several “something’s” in the fire. I will pick one to focus on tonight. Thank you Laura!

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