Great Gift Idea: Storytelling on the Wall

I’m a gift-giver. I admit it. I love picking out the perfect item for a loved one, or knitting a special handmade something or other.

This year, I did my holiday shopping year-round and finished before Halloween. That’s a record for me, but with an unusually busy December on the way, it seemed important to buy ahead. When I start shopping early, I spend less money and select more thoughtful gifts.

I've fallen in love with these watercolor Snowflake Dots from Wall Stories. They're nontoxic, green and PVC-free. Won't they be lovely holding up holiday cards and family photos this season?

And speaking of thoughtful gifts, for those of you who haven’t done your shopping, check out Wall Stories‘ imaginative fabric wall art.

The products are printed on fabric, instead of vinyl, using eco-friendly dyes, and they make a sensationally creative statement in any room. They’d be great gifts for your children or the special families in your lives.

I especially love the Baby Squares for girls and boys, because they’re such an easy and elegant way to display photos and make a statement in a nursery or playroom.

Wall Stories is an independent, mom-run, eco-friendly business, just the kind of thing I love to support. The company grew out of a partnership between award-winning artist Maria Carluccio and savvy businesswoman Caron Reeder.

Even better, the wall decals are intended for hours of creative playtime! Included “story starters” encourage young ones to make up stories and rearrange all the beautiful pieces into new scenes. If a decal loses its stickiness, due to being played with over and over again, it’ll regain its original properties after being washed. In fact, here’s a tutorial about the washing process.

Wall Stories come in several themes, complete with easily moveable pieces and “story starters” to encourage children to concoct their own narratives about the images. The company’s mission, other than helping to beautify children’s worlds, is to get them excited about being creative. How amazing is that?

Although I have finished my shopping, I’m ordering some of the new Wall Stories snowflakes. They’ll be great for hanging Christmas cards and family photos throughout the gray winter days ahead. And I love the idea of supporting an independent business that puts kids and the environment at the top of its priority list.

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11 Responses to Great Gift Idea: Storytelling on the Wall

  1. Funny that you finished your shopping by Halloween. Generally, that’s my goal, I live in Los Angeles, and hate fighting the traffic, parking and long lines that materialize after Thanksgiving….okay, we have those problems here all the time, but they get worse starting on ‘black Friday’. This year, however, for various reasons, most of my shopping got put on hold. Now I’m finishing up…two gifts left to buy this week, but at least I know what I’m giving them!!

    Have a wonderful holiday!

    • Whoo hoo, Tari–you’re almost done! I totally love shopping early, but I don’t know that many people who do it that far ahead! Maybe I’ll make finishing by Halloween an annual goal! I agree about the traffic and parking and general hassle of last-minute buying, and the pressure of making a careful decision amid all that craziness.

      Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Caron says:

    Thank you Laura! We adore your blog, you have such a lovely writing style and we enjoy the sense of community you have here, reading about your very honest adventures in writing (so refreshing!), and all the wonderful local talent (so inspirational!). We put a link to this post on our facebook and twitter pages too.

    • My pleasure, Caron! I love what you guys have been doing with Wall Stories, and it’s so refreshing to know about a business with such positive, healthy goals.

      I can’t wait to make a display of Christmas cards and your beautiful watercolor snowflakes in our living room. (I’m also definitely giving a set to a friend who’d appreciate the mix of practicality and loveliness…)

  3. Emma Burcart says:

    What? Finished shopping before Halloween? I didn’t think that was even possible. Now what excuse are you going to have to go to the mall and have a peppermint hot coco?

  4. What a cool business! And finishing your shopping THAT early definitely makes you a rockstar in my book.

    Passed on the Liebster Blog Award today! Thought you’d like to know!

    • It was definitely necessary to shop farther ahead than usual this year, and it feels good to be done! And I’m excited to visit your Liebster recipients’ blogs. The only one I know is Emma’s, so it’ll be fun to check out the others.

  5. Sorry to be so late coming to your post, but darn that picked you up as spam. I don’t understand how they do that to me. They picked up someone who I’ve corresponded with for over two years.

    Oh anyway … love this concept, Laura. Having a real passion for crafts, I can appreciate the work and love that goes into gifts like this. Before I retired and moved, I had a long, long Christmas list. Being long distance we have all decided to send cards. However, I began every year on Dec. 26th and was finished by Labor Day 🙂 The kids are too old, the grandkids want gift cards and it “ain’t the same.” Love wrapping and fixing and giving. And I love this wall art. Thanks 🙂

  6. This is my second attempt. Sorry to be late responding but darn picked you and one of my friends of two years as spam. What I don’t want they let in and my friends and subscriptions they spam.

    Love this wall art … it is obvious that each piece is a labor of love.
    In the days when I lived in NYC and had a long, long list I began on Dec. 26th and finished on Labor Day. Not it’s gift cards and Secret Santas. I love giving, wrapping and the whole nine yards, just like you Laura. Enjoy your preparation and thanks for a lovely post 🙂

    • Now that’s working ahead, Florence! Amazing. I love the idea of turning around right after the holiday and beginning to shop for the next year. (Although having a list that long must have been rather daunting!) Year-round shopping is a great way to keep that giving spirit alive through the rest of the year. And it’s so fun to be somewhere and see “the perfect something” for a loved one that can be stashed away to surprise him/her later.

      I agree–a gift card is not the same, but that’s what I’m doing for a niece this year due to drawing her in the Secret Santa family exchange. I rounded out the gift with a few small goodies, and she’ll probably like this better than anything else I could come up with. But it’s still not the same.

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