Success Story: Shasta Kearns Moore Publishes Her Novella

Author and journalist Shasta Kearns Moore recently epublished her first novella.

Journalist and blogger Shasta Kearns Moore joined us here last July as part of the Seven Questions series. She talked about her novella, A TWIST OF FATE, her twin boys and the differences between newspaper writing and fiction. You can read the whole story here.

Shasta recently emailed me an exciting update about her novella. I’m thrilled to announce A TWIST OF FATE is now available as an ebook through Smashwords and Amazon for $2.99. Print copies are available through Createspace for $6.99.

The book features three women who suddenly switch lives. One is a coke-addicted stripper in New York. Another is the savvy daughter of a gold trader in Orange County. And the third is living in the slums of Mumbai.

“What if the personal flaws that so often lead you to trouble in your own life could catapult you to success in another’s?” the book posits. “What if they could get you killed?”

Shasta has been chronicling her life with her twins, one of whom has cerebral palsy, on her amazing blog, Outrageous Fortune. You can read more about A TWIST OF FATE and Shasta’s decision to publish the novella in these posts.

Congratulations, Shasta!

For those of you with good news of your own, please share it–either in the comments or by emailing me at laurastanfill at hotmail dot com. It’s so important to recognize our achievements, especially when so much of the writing life involves sitting alone in front of a computer. Besides, I love any kind of positive publishing news. I’m also looking for more Seven Questions interview subjects for 2012, so pass those suggestions along too!


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3 Responses to Success Story: Shasta Kearns Moore Publishes Her Novella

  1. Emma Burcart says:

    That is exciting news and it’s nice to hear positives instead of negetives. Today, I am just so happy it is Friday!

  2. Thank you so much, Laura! I meant to comment on this days ago, but just found it hidden in my browser’s tabs. I really appreciate the shout out!

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