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Guest Post: Emma Burcart on a Writing Room of One’s Own

I’m so excited to introduce author Emma Burcart today. Her fiction merges women’s issues and literary sensibilities into a tantalizing blend of humor, relationship wisdom and beautiful language. Emma’s one of the most driven people I know in terms of … Continue reading

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Check Out This Innovative Novel Website

It’s really hard to write query letters. And synopses, for that matter. Can you imagine putting together a website that effectively promotes your novel? Author and website designer Julia Stoops did just that for her book PARTS PER MILLION. The result is … Continue reading

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First Snowfall

We’ve had a few days of wintry weather here in Portland, including a lovely, swirling blizzard-like snowfall Tuesday night. The next morning, though, we woke up to slush and rain. My husband and I talked about that little-kid feeling of … Continue reading

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Books as Fuzzy Slippers

I love new books. Discovering new authors. Slipping into worlds I haven’t known before. But I also love rereading. That’s part of why I love buying books–so I can revisit them. Rereading a favorite book reminds me of that afternoon … Continue reading

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It’s always so lovely to report good writing news. A number of writers in my personal community were published in a literary anthology, THE FROZEN MOMENT: CONTEMPORARY WRITERS ON THE CHOICES THAT CHANGE OUR LIVES, released last month by Publication … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Emerald Barnes on What to Expect as a Writer

I’m so pleased to share this guest post, “What to Expect as a Writer,” by author Emerald Barnes. Her published novella, PIERCING THROUGH THE DARKNESS, is available through Amazon and Smashwords, and Emerald blogs at Dreaming Awake. I’m especially thrilled to … Continue reading

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The Gingerbread Barn

Last year, my mom was invited to a neighbor’s fancy cookie decorating party. My friend Tamara and I accompanied her. When we walked in, we were given one of the harder projects–a gingerbread barn raising! What started out as an … Continue reading

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