The Gingerbread Barn

Our gingerbread barn did not want to stick together!

Last year, my mom was invited to a neighbor’s fancy cookie decorating party. My friend Tamara and I accompanied her.

When we walked in, we were given one of the harder projects–a gingerbread barn raising!

What started out as an innocent afternoon’s activity soon turned treacherous. Apparently in baking the gingerbread slabs and making the icing, temperature and humidity can affect whether these components stick together properly.

Well, the day we began our very first barn-raising, the conditions were against us, apparently. The walls didn’t stay stuck together. It took all three of us, laboring for a few hours, and using props such as mugs and our own icing-globbed fingers, to get our walls to hold well enough to decorate.

We had to totally give up on our roof, as it kept slipping off, and on Tamara’s suggestion (it was a barn, after all) we thatched it with pretzel sticks.

You can see how much frosting we piled inside the barn to keep the walls from caving in.

By the time we finished this project, all three of us had laughed so hard we cried. Or maybe it was just me crying. We finally set the barn on the “finished” table, sure it would fall apart if we breathed on it, let alone tried to transport it home.

The next day, the gracious hostess brought our barn over to my mom’s house, decorated with festive greenery, a ribbon and a My Little Pony for my daughter. Amazingly, it had survived the night and hardened into a lovely little centerpiece. The best part, though, was working together with my mom and my dear friend, on a project that kept doing its best to fall apart.

May your stories stick together in 2012, and may you make wonderful memories all year long!

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9 Responses to The Gingerbread Barn

  1. Laura, missed you during my two week break. So much of what we do is like your barn raising, replete with sticky fingers 🙂 May your work for 2012 be as great as the finished product of your gingerbread house!

  2. Emma Burcart says:

    Sounds sweet and delicious! It’s nice to see that even if things don’t seem like they are sticking, you can go away and come back in the morning and they will be working. I think that happens a lot in my writing.

  3. Debra Kristi says:

    That’s the sweetest thing! And the frosting looks sooo good right now. I must be hungry. LOL

  4. Speaking of sticking together

    I just added your blog to my blogroll:

  5. Caron Reeder says:

    It’s gorgeous! You are so crafty for just having had the most beautiful baby girl. As usual I’m very very inspired.

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