My copy of the anthology came today, and I'm excited to start reading.

It’s always so lovely to report good writing news.

A number of writers in my personal community were published in a literary anthology, THE FROZEN MOMENT: CONTEMPORARY WRITERS ON THE CHOICES THAT CHANGE OUR LIVES, released last month by Publication Studio.

The collection, edited by Colin Farstad, is an enticing mix of essays, poetry, stories and narrative nonfiction. The 24 authors include Tom Spanbauer, Liz Prato, Dian Greenwood, J.W. Griffith, Kathleen Lane, Margaret Malone and Gigi Little, all of whom have been part of my writing life here in Portland, Oregon.

THE FROZEN MOMENT is available through the Publication Studio store. And if you live in Portland, there’s a reading scheduled for 5 p.m. this Sunday, Jan. 15, at Crow Arts Manor, 850 NE 81st Ave., #114.

Gigi has been featuring “tastes” of the collection on her blog, Ut Omnia Bene. Pop over there to read tantalizing short excerpts from THE FROZEN MOMENT, including (so far) works by Charles Dye, Andrew Printer, Michael Sage Ricci, Judy Reeves, David Ciminello, Tori Malcangio, Margaret Malone, Tom Spanbauer, Liz Prato, Akhim Cabey and Elva Redwood.

Publication Studio, which is based in Portland, Oregon, also has locations in Berkeley, Vancouver, Toronto and a roving one known as the Midwest Radical Culture Corridor. Gigi just informed me that if you live near one of these studios, you can order a book on site and watch it get printed and bound right there in front of you. How cool is that? I ordered my copy of THE FROZEN MOMENT online, but next time I’ll definitely go down to the local studio for the full experience.

“We attend to the social life of the book,” explains the Publication Studio website. “Publication Studio is a laboratory for publication in its fullest sense—not just the production of books, but the production of a public. This public, which is more than a market, is created through any and all means—physical production, digital circulation, and social gathering.”

Congrats to all the writers involved in THE FROZEN MOMENT. I can’t wait to read your work.


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3 Responses to Success Story: THE FROZEN MOMENT

  1. Laura, that sounds truly fascinating … too bad I am nowhere near one of their studios. The small press and the writer’s collective is fast growing in numbers once more 🙂

  2. I wish I had thought to go there in person instead of ordering online, but it was lovely when my red-covered book arrived in the mail yesterday. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for more news from Publication Studio, since it’s such a cool concept.

  3. Emma Burcart says:

    Very exciting! I can’t wait for the day when the news is about you! I’ll go shopping for a special “Laura’s big Powells reading” dress!

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