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Lucky 7

Emma Burcart tagged me for the Lucky 7 Meme going around. What fun! The rules ask me to open my novel-in-progress and: Go to page 77. Go to line 7. Copy down the next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs as they … Continue reading

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Kreativ Blogger Award

I have been remiss in not posting about the Kreativ Blogger Award I received from Debra Kristi earlier this year. I’ve been focused on my novel revisions and my family, and I’m finally rejoining the world. It so happens that Valerie Lawson recently … Continue reading

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Line of the Week

We had so much fun with our first line of the week post that I’ve decided to host another one. Look over what you’ve written in the past week, and then share a favorite sentence or paragraph here in the comments. … Continue reading

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Studying Point of View Through Revising Chapter 2

I’ve been playing around with the second chapter of my historical novel for a few months now. Yes, I said months. I’m working with the same old plot points, but I’m trying to tell the story in different ways. Ultimately … Continue reading

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Want to Read Jane Austen in Miniature?

I kept close tabs on the release and reviews of flipback books when they were launched by Hodder & Stoughton this past June. Since then, a few new exciting developments have occurred. First, and perhaps most interestingly for those of us … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Anthony Lee Collins on the Art of Serial Fiction

I’m thrilled to host prolific blogger and serial fiction author Anthony Lee Collins. Unlike most novelists working today, Anthony publishes chapters of his novels online as he’s writing them. It’s the lost art of serialization made fresh and new on … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge #13: Cut It Out

When a writer is lacking inspiration, looking at pictures can be key to adding color and texture to a fictional world. Many writers use images to help them get to know their characters or their setting. Lisa Rivero recently posted … Continue reading

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Success Story: Writing Forward’s Melissa Donovan Publishes a Book of Original Creative Writing Exercises

Melissa Donovan is one of those lighthouse people. She guides others to a better understanding of the landscape–which, in her case, is the nuanced coastline of creative writing. She is the founder and editor of Writing Forward. Since 2007, she has … Continue reading

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