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A Page of Body Copy–Literary/Women’s Fiction

After my post about being a product writer versus a process writer, several people suggested I dust my finished literary novel off and get it out in the world. I spent seven years writing and revising BODY COPY, and it’s … Continue reading

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Tulips, Tulips Everywhere

Here in Oregon, spring means a pilgrimage to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. Enjoy the photos! For those of you within driving distance to Woodburn, the festival continues through May 6. Shortlink:

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Twelve Writers All in a Row, Including Jean Auel!

I attended one of my favorite local writer events Friday night. HomeWord Bound is the annual fund-raiser for Community Partners for Affordable Housing. Oregon authors attend as guests and featured speakers, giving attendees the chance to chat with them, buy books, … Continue reading

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Blog on Fire Award

Naomi Baltuck has awarded me the Blog on Fire Award. Thanks, Naomi! She’s the author (with her sister) of KEEPER OF THE CRYSTAL SPRING, which I just bought and am excited to read, and she has a wonderful writing blog. … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games–the Book Versus the Movie

I finally read THE HUNGER GAMES last week in anticipation of seeing the movie this past Friday. What surprised me most about the cinematic interpretation was its point of view. I won’t share any spoilers, but if you want to … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge #15: Exposition

Show don’t tell is an important storytelling rule. But sometimes it’s useful to tell through exposition. Exposition a great way to get a few years to pass, for instance, or to set up a scene in a world that is … Continue reading

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Product or Process–Which Kind of Writer Are You?

There are two types of knitters. Product knitters love the finished product. That’s their reason for knitting: a beautiful object to wear or give away. Process knitters prefer the act to the end result. They knit for the stitches, not … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge #14: Pick a Song

Florence, of the wonderful blog fOIS in the City, offers this short but sweet prompt for today’s Writing Challenge: “Listen to your favorite song and when it ends, sit down and write what it called out to you.” Thanks, Florence! … Continue reading

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Before and After: A Study of Cutting Excess Language

In focusing on Chapter 2, I’ve worked on the sound of my omniscient narrator. It’s a loud voice, at home with lofty pronouncements and words like comeuppance. It evokes the 19th century without being too stuffy or old-fashioned. The problem is … Continue reading

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