Blog on Fire Award

Naomi Baltuck has awarded me the Blog on Fire Award. Thanks, Naomi! She’s the author (with her sister) of KEEPER OF THE CRYSTAL SPRING, which I just bought and am excited to read, and she has a wonderful writing blog.

I’m supposed to thank the nominator (thanks again, Naomi!), list seven facts about myself and pass the award on to seven recipients. Here are my facts:

  1. I love local newspapers. Not daily ones, but the weeklies and monthlies that report on their communities.
  2. I’ve been a reporter, a county reporter, an editor and a managing editor for various local papers in New York, Virginia and Oregon.
  3. Speaking of awards, the most interesting honor I won for my reporting was the Consumer Issues Reporting Award for a series on contractor fraud.
  4. Much of my last novel, BODY COPY, takes place in a small-town newsroom.
  5. So many people think they know what journalism is like, based on how TV reporters or daily newspapers are portrayed in in the media. One of the reasons I wrote that particular book was to let people know what it was like working for a low-budget, small-town newspaper.
  6. With kids who don’t sleep that well, I’m often awake at 4 a.m. when the daily newspaper, The Oregonian, hits the front step.
  7. I don’t always have time to read The Oregonian, but I do read the local monthly when it arrives in the mail. I used to copy edit each issue back when I was editor of another monthly paper in the same newspaper chain.

Here are the folks I’m giving the award to, although I’m cheating and only doing five.

  • Novel Girl offers excellent author interviews, writing advice and book reviews.
  • Sara Flower is a wonderful writing blogger, and I’m excited to have found her.
  • I have given an award to Emma Burcart before, but this one suits her. Her women’s lifestyle blog has grown like wildfire, and she always has something funny, intuitive and uplifting to share.
  • I always enjoy posts by Leila Gaskin at Write Am I.
  • Ms. Marshmallow is the “bad girl of self-publishing,” and her drawings are as entertaining as her posts about writing.


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10 Responses to Blog on Fire Award

  1. Novel Girl says:

    Thank you for awarding me! It’s nice to be recognised. I’m also up for best blog award by the Sydney Writers Centre. There’s a widget link in my sidebar to vote for me if you’re interested.

    I’m so thankful I started blogging. I get to meet lovely people like yourself. 🙂

  2. Leila says:

    Thank you for the award. I love this community we’ve created through our words. And I love your blog!

  3. Emma says:

    Congrats Laura.

  4. congrats on the award. it looks dangerous!

  5. Congratulations, doesn’t it feel good to get awards 🙂

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