The Joy of Sunshine

Maggie Madly Writing has passed the Sunshine Blog Award on to me.

Thanks, Maggie! I’m especially glad to receive this award because, here in the usually rainy Pacific Northwest, I’ll take any extra sunshine I can get!

Here are the rules:

  1. Include the award logo in the post.
  2. Link back and thank those that nominated me.
  3. Answer 10 random questions about myself and/or tell seven random facts.
  4. Nominate 10 other bloggers and link them to the award in their comments section.

I’ll answer the questions that Maggie used.

  1. What is your favorite color? Red.
  2. What is your favorite animal? Dogs, but I’m allergic.
  3. What is your favorite number? Nine. Which is written out as “nine” according to both the AP Stylebook and the Chicago Manual of Style. (Ten is where AP and Chicago begin to differ; 10 should be a number, according to AP, and written out, according to Chicago.)
  4. What is your favorite drink? Coffee from a local roaster. Decaf these days.
  5. Which do you prefer, Facebook or Twitter? Neither! I’m one of the rare folks who has never joined Facebook or Twitter.
  6. What is your passion? Writing fiction. Novels in particular.
  7. Do you prefer giving or receiving presents? Giving. That’s why I knit–because I love making things for other people. And I shop year-round for Christmas presents.
  8. What is your favorite pattern? Herringbone. In part because I like how it sounds.
  9. What is your favorite day of the week? Friday, because of the joy of anticipating the weekend.
  10. What is your favorite flower? Tulips.

I’ve been nominating a lot of bloggers recently, so I’m going to opt to pass this on to five instead, just as Maggie did.

  • Emma Meade offers reviews of paranormal fiction and movies. I don’t read or watch a lot of paranormal, but I always enjoy Emma’s posts. The way she critiques is really useful for any writer; she offers questions and concerns (and kudos) from a thoughtful, writing-centric point-of-view.
  • I’m thankful for Anthony Lee Collins over at U-town for his great posts and the sunshine he spreads to other blogs with his excellent, thought-provoking comments.
  • Debra Kristi has a passionate voice on her blog, Sparks in the Fire.
  • Valerie Lawson‘s posts always make me smile.
  • Ileandra Young runs the blog Writing: A Conversation Without Interruptions. (Now, after choosing her, I see she’s already won it once, but I’m leaving her here because her posts about writing and being pregnant radiate sunshine!)

You guys can either respond to those questions, which have apparently made the rounds in the blogosphere (look up Sunshine Award and you’ll see many people have used them), or answer these 10 of mine:

  1. What’s one of your favorite books from childhood?
  2. What are you reading right now?
  3. What’s a go-to meal you make on busy weeknights?
  4. Favorite thing to do in your free time?
  5. Favorite season?
  6. Favorite magazine?
  7. Favorite author?
  8. Favorite teacher (and why)?
  9. AP Style, Chicago Style, neither, or a mix of both?
  10. Do you prefer reading short stories or novels?


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17 Responses to The Joy of Sunshine

  1. Sara Flower says:

    Congrats on the award. 🙂 And I enjoyed reading your answers. Tulips really are so cheery and Friday is my favourite day, too. I will be sure to check out the bloggers you recommended.

  2. Emma says:

    Thank you Laura. I’ll do a post soon on this and pass on the award.
    It’s so easy to get caught up in Twitter and Facebook (I spend hours on the former every week!) that you’re probably better off not on them.

  3. Congratulations! And thanks for passing it on to me, you’re so sweet. I think I’ll answer your questions because I have no idea what my favorite pattern or day is.

  4. Debra Kristi says:

    Congratulations on your award, Laura. It was fun learning more about you. Thank you so much for passing it along to me. I will do my best to do right by you. I don’t know which set I will go with yet, but I warn you, the posts I have in my queue at present hint at breaking the rules. 😉

  5. Wow. Congratulations on getting the award, and thanks so much for thinking of me. I’ll be passing it along very soon.

  6. Congratulations and well deserved!

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  8. Krista says:

    OK, so which local coffee roaster? Or just local in general?

    • I picked the decaf from St. Johns Coffee Roasters, because it’s one of my favorites! I’m a longtime Stumptown drinker but I also enjoy many other local roasters.

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