Line of the Week

It’s time for another Line of the Week!

Please share a line (or paragraph) you’ve worked on in the past week. Leave your selection in the comments, or if you respond with your own blog post, come back and share the link so we can all pop by to visit.

Feel free to comment on each other’s selections, but remember, this is not intended as a critique exercise. It’s a way of pushing those sweet kernels of writerly goodness into the world for each other to enjoy and appreciate.

I haven’t written this week, other than blog posts, due to the never-ending family cold and some travel, which you’ll hear about soon enough. So please share your lines and inspire me to get back into my normal writing routine.

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24 Responses to Line of the Week

  1. Sara Flower says:

    I love this idea!
    Here is a paragraph I wrote recently from one of my novels:
    It was well past midnight in the middle of the great Navy Sea. Thick storm clouds hid any hint of light from the sky as strong winds howled over the dark waters. Perhaps by some miraculous act of God, if there were such a thing, Trent could escape this Sheol disguised as a military ship.

  2. This is from a new WIP I started last week. The story takes place four months after the 2008 collapse of Wall Street and my main character has been “downsized.” I have no idea where the story is going, but this is my gal Bella:

    It’s not so bad being a vintage woman. You have the benefit of hind sight, maturity and experience. You’re also invisible to most of the opposite sex and have as much chance of meeting Mr. Right as you do of being struck by lightening. But you can walk out of your house at six in the morning and stroll, jog or bike over to your nearest diner or coffee shop without make-up and no one will notice.

  3. always fun! this seems weird out of context, but i kind of like it that way. here’s my contribution:

    Every once in awhile Alisha would glance my way to make sure I hadn’t strangled myself with my own hands, but for the most part she ignored me. There didn’t seem to be a drop of cyborg fluid in her veins. I liked her.

  4. Larry’s strong hands gripped her thighs more firmly and he did some other things, and Angel Valentine blissfully lost her train of thought.

    (That’s from my story Stevie One: In all honesty, the story isn’t as racy as that sentence might indicate. 🙂 )

    • This is so economically written, without sacrificing humor, Anthony. I’m woefully behind on Stevie One but I’ll catch up eventually!

      • I’m pretty happy with how it’s going. I think I’m more than halfway through, and I have a final scene written. Now all I have to do is get there. 🙂

        When I write about sex (which isn’t often) I usually try to have an element of humor, because I think that’s just realistic. (Larry and Angel are about to be interrupted by a knock on the door, BTW, leading to a bit more humor and then some pretty serious conversation.)

        • I love the concept of always adding humor to sex scenes. My WIP has some of that, but in one case I went overboard with the humor so the emotional impact was missing. One of the many things I’ll rework in this revision…

  5. On the other side of the world there are now two memoirs standing next to each other on a bookshelf. One written by a former president the other by an American expatriate.

    (From my blog, because thats all I have time to write lately. Sigh.)

  6. Hi Laura, what a fun idea. Here’s an excerpt from a goofy scene I worked on this week:

    “If you must know, I admired the stars, and it turns out he’s an amateur astronomer…”
    “Is that what he said?” asked Jacquie slyly.
    “That’s what he is. Since I was locked out, he drove to a field in back of the house…”
    “That’s why we didn’t see his car out front,” said Jacquie to Barb.
    “We were worried, Crys,” said Barb quietly.
    The sight of Barb wringing her hands affected Crystal far more than Jacquie’s needling.
    “I didn’t think…” She wasn’t thinking. Her brain was on vacation, and her hormones were doing all the legwork. They carried her back to when she was a starry-eyed virgin who couldn’t believe her eyes the first time she smiled at a boy and made him blush. Oh, the intoxication!
    “He had his telescope in the back of the Laforza…”
    “Were you in the back seat of the car with him and his telescope?” asked Barb, wide-eyed.
    “Never mind that.” Jacquie raised an eyebrow. “How big was his telescope?”

  7. Dalya Moon says:

    Open my MS and I think my last line of the recent scene is nice: “She wished the song would never end, and it wasn’t even a song she liked.”

  8. Wish I had a bit more time to join in, but I haven’t written anything for a fortnight.
    It’s nice to read the other snippets though; well done everyone!

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