Your Dream Book Reading

What’s your dream book reading like?

Mine is pretty darn close to Kristy Athens’ Get Your Pitchfork On! event at Powell’s Hawthorne last Thursday. First of all, it was Powell’s, Portland’s legendary independent bookstore. The Hawthorne location specializes in home and garden topics–perfect for the subject matter.

Get Your Pitchfork On! was just released by Process Media.

There was an impressive overflow crowd, and Kristy greeted many people by name from the podium. It happened to be her 15th wedding anniversary, too, so she acknowledged her husband at the beginning of the event.

Before reading several selections from her new book, Kristy identified what she calls country porn–beautiful pictures of the rural lifestyle, such as closeups of luscious strawberries or a couple sitting under an oak tree.

That’s not how living on a farm really is, Kristy explained. There’s never any time to sit under the oak tree, for instance. Get Your Pitchfork On! demystifies the country living experience, and its many challenges, for those who have that particular dream.

“I’m not trying to talk you out of it,” she said. “I just want you to do it smart.”

Congratulations, Kristy, on the publication of Get Your Pitchfork On! and a great Powell’s reading. For details on Pitchfork readings in Oregon, Washington, the Midwest and other to-be-announced locations, check out Kristy’s events calendar.

In case you missed it, here’s the Seven Questions interview Kristy did with me earlier this month. And special thanks to The Wanderlust Gene, who suggested I put together a post about her reading.

Please tell me about your dream book reading in the comments! Where would you like to read? Who would you invite? Or if you’ve had a big reading already, did it live up to your expectations?

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19 Responses to Your Dream Book Reading

  1. emmaburcart says:

    I’ve been to many readings at Powells and they are nice for a small reading. But, my dream reading definitely has to be what I saw at the Miami Book Fair International when I saw Diana Abu-Jaber. She was in a large auditorium reading to a giant crowd. In the audience, I felt like I was looking at a rock star. It was amazing. If only I hadn’t been so nervous when I went to ask for her autograph in my book. I think that a small reading like Powells is a good way to start so that the big book fair reading isn’t too scary.

  2. You think big, Emma, and I love that. I’ll picture you, from now on, with your own rock-star writer persona, up on a huge stage with a crowd of admirers listening intently.

  3. Sara Flower says:

    Ooh book readings. 🙂 My dream reading would be something smaller with a loyal group of fans. Maybe at an outdoor art gallery or on a patio at a gala-style event. Somewhere quaint and inspiring.

  4. I actually had a book launch/reading in April. I live in Norway, but my book was officially launched in The Hague, for two reasons… My publisher (Sommertime Publishing) is there and because I previously lived there also. The event was held at the American Book Center, which is near and dear to my heart because it’s where I attended my first,”Write Your Life Stories Workshop”. There were about fifty to sixty people and I sold ninety-three books!

    I dedicated the book to my hero and therefore read the chapter titled “My Hero”. I worried about the reading for weeks, but after one glass of wine for courage, I did it. I have never felt more empowered in my life than I did that night. It was great!

    • That’s incredible, Maggie! Thanks for sharing your story. And how amazing, if I remember correctly, that you launch your book at the same place you started writing it. That sounds indeed like a dream come true!

  5. Wow, thanks for this write-up! It was a fantastic evening. I hope to replicate it with friends who weren’t able to attend the Powell’s reading on June 28 at Broadway Books!

    • Oh fun, Kristy! That’ll be like having two book launches–not to mention all the other upcoming events on your schedule. My friend’s hubby has already started reading the book, by the way, and he LOVES it so far.

  6. robincoyle says:

    My friend owns a 500 acre ranch and I sent this recommendation over to her.

    • Oh excellent, Robin! While it’s really interesting reading, Get Your Pitchfork On! also makes a handy reference guide. I hope your friend decides to get it!

  7. I think I’ve seen my dream book reading (well, it wasn’t really a book reading — more of an author performance). When I was in college I saw Hunter Thompson (did I tell you about this already?). He didn’t have a prepared presentation (to say the least), but he had a bottle of Wild Turkey, a bucket of ice, and a hapless nerd from Student Affairs trying to moderate as Thompson answered questions from the audience. Well, I should say he took questions, he didn’t always answer them. If he didn’t like your question, he threw ice at you. And he did answer some of them, though at this late date I don’t remember any of the details. Halfway through the evening, John Belushi came out and terrorized the Student Affairs guy off the stage, and then Belushi proceeded to “moderate” the rest of the event. IIRC the whole thing only cost a dollar. You’re not going to find that kind of entertainment value for a dollar these days. 🙂

  8. Faith Hough says:

    That sounds like fun. 🙂
    Yeah, I can attest to the real dirt on country living. I have lived it, and I’m quite content to never see a live pig again. 🙂

  9. Emma says:

    Since I have a fear of public speaking, I’d like to have my first book book reading in someone’s house, perhaps my sister’s home or in the back garden and invite family, friends and maybe random strangers off the street 🙂 Snacks, some wine, read the opening chapter and answer any questions.
    I like Sara’s idea of having a reading at an art gallery.

    • Someone’s house sounds like fun, Emma!

    • Emma, I did a post about this last fall, where I linked to some different posts about shyness (and fear of public speaking — which isn’t exactly the same thing) and self-promotion. It was one of those weird weeks when a bunch of the bloggers I follow all started posting about the same topic. 🙂

      And the art gallery idea sounds great. I just recently went to a memorial in an art gallery, and it was a perfect setting.

      • Emma says:

        Thanks for the link, just had a read through your post there. I think the last time I got up and spoke in front of 100 people was in a school play!

  10. Sounds like an event I wish I could have attended. The “Country Porn” comment made me laugh. It’s true that there are many details that people outside of the rural areas aren’t privy to about the country lifestyle. Sounds like a good read to me.

    • That made me laugh, too, Ted.

      The book is a great blend of entertaining anecdotes and useful details that non-country folks might not even think about.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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