It’s a Parade!

This beautiful Alaskan Airlines float won the Al Reser Sweepstakes Award.

One of my favorite family traditions is going to the Grand Floral Parade each June in Portland, Oregon. Here are a few photos from Saturday, taken with our point-and-shoot because I didn’t want to lug my big camera downtown with all our other gear.

I always love the One More Time Around Again Band for the members’ enthusiasm and the wide variety of ages.

A closeup of a Glencoe High saxophonist.

Mayor Sam Adams’ entourage included numerous community members holding signs about arts funding.

This mini train featured a woman acting as Queen Thelma, Portland’s first crowned Rose Festival queen (in 1914), according to the Sunday Oregonian parade coverage.

I loved these women for their message and their historical costumes.

The heritage group Comparsa Orgullo Morelense Cemiac really captured my attention with such elaborate attire.

Note the amazing tiger face in the middle of this outfit.

The Northwest Chinese Alliance Marching Group brings a dragon along the parade route.

If you’re interested, you can read more about the Comparsa Orgullo Morelense Cemiac group on the Oregonian site. There’s a short video about the man who put the group together and his fabulous costume, which features Multnomah Falls and other Oregon images.

Have you been to a parade this year?

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12 Responses to It’s a Parade!

  1. Bryna says:

    What a cool parade! Such a great taste of Portland’s history and culture! There aren’t too many parades in my part of the country. It’s usually too hot. : )

    • Where do you live, Bryna? We all joke about the Portland Rose Festival being the Portland Rain Festival, as it inevitably rains on parade day. We were lucky this year–gray, and a little chilly, but not too sunny and not wet.

      • Bryna says:

        Florida, where some years it’s hot even in the “winter.” 🙂 Sadly, it’s a region that’s not very in touch with its history. What little of it that has survived the elements is restricted to small state parks or is being threatened by new construction, and so many residents are transplants from other states, so its history gets left by the wayside.

        Glad to hear you had a good balance this year! I’ve heard just how rainy Portland can be. 🙂

  2. Looks like fun… I miss good old American parades 🙂

  3. Hi Laura, this looks like a fun parade. I tend to pass on parades, but we have such a cute Fourth of July parade in Edmonds that I sometimes take the kids down to watch–we know a lot of the folks and cheer them on. I do love Portland–if I couldn’t live in Seattle, it is a city that I believe has a lovely spirit.

    • i always feel like it’s going to be a hassle to attend, especially compared to our neighborhood one, but then it’s always so much fun! I love local parades where you watch people you know go by.

      Seattle’s great. I haven’t been in a long time, but I like the energy and the Northwest spirit.

  4. Emma says:

    Great pics, so colourful. The mini train is adorable.

  5. Laura, loved your photos !! Portland seems like such a “happening” place … great book stores and people who feel compassionate about the arts. BTW arts funding is always the first cut, the last funded and one of the best ways to teach kids. Go figure 🙂

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