I’ve published 200 posts here on my blog, but I have another forty drafts sitting around. Some are partially written, more general ideas than fleshed out posts. Others are ready to go.

Some are outdated, like the wrapup of a query night my writing group held last summer. I’m not sure why it never ran. Others are evergreen, as we say in the newspaper biz. They’re as relevant and as fresh as whenever I wrote them. And you’ll read them here eventually.

I love stockpiling. I keep new toys hidden from my kids until I need them–for a sick day, for instance, or an airplane trip. Sometimes they outgrow the toy before I manage to hand it over.

I used to keep a notebook of thoughts or overheard dialogue to use someday in my writing (as F. Scott Fitzgerald, one of my longtime heroes, used to), although I rarely used those gems and eventually quit.

Do you stockpile? Words? Items? Memories?


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18 Responses to Stockpile

  1. I’m impressed by the blog posts. I almost never write blog posts ahead. Sometimes I start one mid-week for Sunday night posting, but that’s about it. I do have two ideas for posts that I guess I’m “stockpiling,” but since I haven’t written a word of either one I think that counts more as “procrastinating.” 🙂

    I do collect scenes and ideas for stories, including good scenes from stories that ended up not working so well. Recycling!

    • I love recycling! I’ve done that with passages, mostly moving them around the same novel, but I used to keep those things for stories.

      I get nervous about not having time to blog, so when I do have time, I write down my ideas and then save them for later.

  2. Lynne Ayers says:

    I do. When a thought hits I open a new post and put in enough to (hopefully) jog my memory when the time comes. I have about 25 or so sitting in draft posts.

  3. robincoyle says:

    I have a dozen or so partially written blog posts. Some more complete than others. I love when I can put 3 or 4 completed posts in the “bank.” Gives one a little breathing room.

  4. jmmcdowell says:

    I have a few very roughly drafted. But normally, I’m starting one a few days before it airs. I’d love to put together a stockpile, but it never seems to happen. I should be better about setting down post ideas so I remember them when I need them.

    • I’m the opposite–a few fully written, the rest just notes to expand later. I do go through phases where I use up all the fully written ones and feel like my stockpile is almost empty, even though there are 10-20 more drafts waiting for attention.

  5. 4amWriter says:

    I definitely have a stockpile of posts, but this is because I am a slow writer who often takes as much time editing as I do writing. Sometimes, before my post is ready, something else comes up which is more time-sensitive and I focus on that instead.

    I am a stockpiler of kids’ toys as well as food or clothes on sale. I have the same problem (if we want to call it a problem) that I have so many stashed away that my kids are too old/big to use them and so then I have to give them as Christmas or birthday presents to cousins, friends, etc.
    Obviously the food is a different issue. If I can freeze it I will, but many times I’ll forget I have that extra box of crackers and they go stale after a year of being in the storage cupboards.

    My husband isn’t keen on this habit of mine. He thinks I’m a hoarder. I tell him I’m not a hoarder if I get rid of it once I realize I can’t use it anymore. So there! 🙂

    • Stockpiling sounds much better than hoarding. We’re just prepared for anything–yes? Your answer to your husband makes perfect sense.

      I love that you put your toys/clothes into the gifting pile because I do that too. Now that I have a baby, I will give some of the outgrown things to her someday and she’ll be delighted!

  6. Jo Eberhardt says:

    Absolutely not a stockpiler. These days I try to write my posts a few days in advance (in case something comes up), and it takes an amazing effort of will not to hit “Publish” as soon as I finish them. As for toys? Wow. I have a hard enough time keeping things hidden away until Christmas or Birthdays. I want to hand them over straight away.

    (And this is why I generally go my Christmas shopping on the 23rd of December. Less time to wait!)

    • Hi, Jo! Great to hear from you. I’m the opposite! I start Christmas shopping in the summer, if not sooner, because I like to pick up gifts for people when I think of them. I feel like this is economical because I don’t overspend at the last minute, but more likely, I end up spending more per person due to so much planning ahead!

  7. I stockpile for sure!
    I love to have things to fall back on. As a matter of fact, when I was in Jersey last week I bought all kinds of cards, birthday, anniversary, get-well, etc… just to have on hand.

  8. I do actually. My post about my other alter ego had been written for months before I let out go. Certainly before the twins were born at least. I’m not sure why I kept it, but I’m glad it’s out now.
    There are some other posts like that too; out just helps stay on top of the schedule these days.

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