Title Reveal: Brave on the Page

I have been talking about the forthcoming collection of author interviews and essays in somewhat secretive terms here on my blog. Now that the collection is in final proofing stages, it’s time to share the exciting news. And there’s a lot of it!

The Title

Brave on the Page: Oregon Writers on Craft and the Creative Life

Every part of this book has been a collaborative effort in some way, and the title is a great example. At some point during the pre-publishing work, I realized I didn’t have to call the book Seven Questions just because my online series is called that. Moreover, since I plan to publish multiple Seven Questions books, I decided I needed a specific title for this Oregon authors collection. So I did what I always do: I asked people I trust for help.

My email to my monthly writing group included a few title options, including Brave on the Page. That was the unanimous favorite, and from there, several writers helped me craft the subtitle. I had been fighting to get the word “about” out of the subtitle, since it’s a bit gangly and awkward, and nobody ever seems to remember whether it ought to be capitalized. Liz Scott, one of the twenty-seven essay-writers in the book, suggested “on” instead, and she also posed the “author” vs. “writer” question. I decided–again with help–that “writer” was just right for this book. (Liz’s blog is Pocket Shrink, if you want to read more advice from her!)

Kristen Forbes wrote the title essay, and it’s just beautiful. Amazingly, after naming the book, I discovered my already written forward discussed bravery in relation to writing, and five or six essays mentioned the word “brave.”

The cover, designed by Gigi Little, reflects the title and the book’s mission in an unbelievably perfect way, and she included the words “Seven Questions Series.” You’ll have to wait to see it, though. I’m going to reveal the cover on launch day!

The Participants

I have forty-two authors involved in this project, from bestsellers to folks who write every day just because they love the craft. My definition of a writer is anyone who spends time writing. There are fifteen interviews. The ones that have run on this blog have been significantly updated and edited for print. And then, at the heart of the book, there are twenty-seven flash essays full of craft advice and personal reflections about why we write and how we do it and when we make time for it. The contributors all have connections to Oregon, but the themes are universal. As the subhead says, it’s a book about the writer’s life as much as anything.

In the next few weeks, I’ll share my list of contributors, the idea behind the essays and one of the two new interviews.

Small Press

Brave on the Page is being released by Forest Avenue Press. My press! I love the Northwestern-sounding name, and soon I’ll reveal the incredible logo, also designed by Gigi Little. I’m putting together a detailed post on why I chose to start a small press and do this on my own instead of using a well-known service (like CreateSpace). The short version is that I get full creative, artistic control this way, and I get to do it locally.

My ultimate goal is to publish other people’s books. For now, though, I’m focusing on the Brave on the Page launch logistics.

The Launch Date

It’s Monday, October 8. Whoo hoo! Now that I’m on the home stretch of the production side of things, I’m focusing on actually getting the book to readers.

Starting on October 8, Brave on the Page will be available at the downtown Powell’s Books, in the purple room. It takes about five minutes to print a book, so if you’re curious about the technology, this is a great time to see it in action.

For those of you who aren’t in Portland, you can check this handy map of Espresso Book Machine locations. I’m going to offer a prize for anyone who goes to his/her local Espresso Book Machine and buys a copy of Brave on the Page. (Details will follow.) If you don’t live near a machine, or prefer to get a neat little package on your doorstep, you’ll be able to order the book through ondemandbooks.com. I’ll share the direct link once Brave on the Page has been uploaded to the sales channel.


Here’s where I need your help.

If you’re interested in hosting me or one of my authors on your blog during the next few months, leave a comment here or email me at laurastanfill at hotmail dot com. I’d love for the publicity to focus on contributors to the book, since it’s their book as much as mine. Although I’m available for guest posts or interviews, the other forty-one writers are, too, and I would be happy to pair you up with someone. Let me know what would work for your blog, and if you have a subject or a type of “visit” in mind, and I’ll make it happen.

Have any questions for me?

Shortlink: http://wp.me/p1bhaB-Oe

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25 Responses to Title Reveal: Brave on the Page

  1. I’m not sure why the pingback function didn’t work, but Kristen Forbes wrote an incredible post today about Brave on the Page! Here it is: http://krissymick.blogspot.com/2012/09/other-big-news-brave-on-page.html

    Thanks for the excitement and the support, Kristen!

  2. This is exciting. I’d be happy to have you do a guest post on my blog about this project (the book and also the press). I’ll email you.

    I’m eager to buy a copy and see it being made, but the “handy map” crashed my browser. I’ll check back and see if they have a good old-fashioned list. 🙂

    Are you going to do an ebook also?

    • Thanks, Anthony! I look forward to putting something together with you.

      Since the map didn’t work, here’s the list version: http://ondemandbooks.com/ebm_locations_list.php

      And I think more are coming by the end of the year, since the deal with Kodak to move Espresso machines into CVS stores as part of the photo processing centers.

      As far as an ebook, I’m not planning to do one. For one thing, the interviews originated online, and now I’ve edited them to update the content and make it suitable for print. So it would be odd to reverse the process and turn them into ebooks. I might be swayed another way down the road, but for now, it’s print all the way.

  3. Laura,
    LOVE the title and would love to be a part of your book promotion. I’ll send you a quick email.
    And, Forest Avenue Press — perfect! Congratulations!

  4. Hi Laura,
    Congratulations for being brave off the page, and going for it! I would be glad to dedicate a post to promoting your book. I love the title! My followers are a mix of writers and readers, but I’m sure they will all enjoy a success story. Let me know what you need, how you want to proceed, and what I should do.

    • Thanks, Naomi! It is a sort of bravery to create a business and ask other people to get involved, from the essay writers and interview subjects to asking bloggers for their time and space. I realized the other day how this book, while really focused on the authors involved, has a lot of me in it. And that’s terrifying! But exciting too. I can’t wait to get the book out into the world and start planning the next one in the series. It might be a national one, or a themed one, or another Oregon one. So many possibilities that I have to take a deep breath and remember what comes first. Which is launching this one!

  5. Emma says:

    I love the name: Forest Avenue Press. Wishing you lots of success. An exciting time.

  6. 4amWriter says:

    I’m happy to host you on my blog, Laura. I will email you. Congrats on this exciting endeavor!

    • Oh t’ll be fun, Kathryn. When you email me, feel free to include any thoughts about what might work for your audience! Looking forward to hearing from you and setting something up.

  7. Congratulations Laura and you know I’ll do anything I can to help, just let me know…

  8. Duncan Ellis says:

    Really very thrilling – looking forward to purchasing a copy!

  9. Laura, this is a wonderful event … I’ll write you under separate cover. Once I dig out from under my moving boxes, I want to feature some of the great talents I read every day 🙂

  10. Congratulations!! I know I’m a little late with this, but you’re more than welcome to stop over on my blog. Just pick a date and email me what you want on there. (October 2nd is filled though.) Again, congratulations! So happy for you and I love your press name and the title!

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