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Author Interview: Anthony Lee Collins Discusses Serial Fiction, Creating a World and Writing for an Online Audience

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! I’m pleased to share a special Seven Questions interview with you today by the most frequent commenter here on this blog. He leaves insightful, thought-provoking remarks, which often trigger ideas for new blog posts, and … Continue reading

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Happy News–and the Shrinking of Newspapers’ Book Coverage

We have a lot of new author interviews coming up in 2013, including Anthony Lee Collins of U-town scheduled for New Year’s Eve. My writer-friend Kristen Forbes had her essay “Dream Girl” published in The Rumpus last week. It’s a candid … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates! Somehow, the adults are up earliest in our house today, waiting for the pitter-pat of little feet to begin. I am nursing a wicked case of strep, but 24 hours after starting antibiotics, I … Continue reading

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Two Sides of a Writerly Conversation

One of my favorite things about Brave on the Page: Oregon Writers on Craft and the Creative Life has been introducing writers to each other. Around when we launched the book in October, I connected Gigi Little and Sarah Cypher, two … Continue reading

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The Interview Continues

My heart is broken after the shootings at the Clackamas mall and in Connecticut. Both hit close to home–as an Oregon resident and an elementary school parent. I know people who were affected by the Oregon tragedy. And I know how … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge #19: Kathleen Lane’s Thing Collection

I’m honored to be in a writing group with author Kathleen Lane. She has a strong, compelling voice and an uncanny ability to mix humor, heartbreak and oddities of the human condition. I learn something new about myself every time I … Continue reading

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Book of the Year and Other News

I’m new to being a small press publisher, with my first title just released in October, and I’ve already learned how much time marketing and setting up readings takes away from working with the words themselves. I’ve also learned that … Continue reading

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Expat Author: Maggie Myklebust’s Memoir Moves Between Norway and New Jersey, Offering Rich, Heartfelt Material

It takes a lot of courage to write about one’s life. In her memoir Fly Away Home, Maggie Myklebust tells an honest, heartfelt tale about identity, place and belonging. Maggie begins at the beginning, with her Norwegian relatives, and then … Continue reading

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