Writing Challenge #19: Kathleen Lane’s Thing Collection

Writing ChallengeI’m honored to be in a writing group with author Kathleen Lane. She has a strong, compelling voice and an uncanny ability to mix humor, heartbreak and oddities of the human condition. I learn something new about myself every time I meet one of her unusual characters and hear how that invented individual interprets the world.

Kathleen recently started a blog featuring pictures of objects. Her Thing Collection is great for browsing, but also great to use as story prompts.

Here’s today’s assignment. Go visit the Thing Collection. It’s on more than one page, so be sure to look at everything–or is that every Thing? Pick one of the images and write something about it. Or respond to the prompt using another art form to jumpstart your creativity.

Kathleen is collecting stories and art about her objects and plans to post some of them on her blog. You can email her the results of your efforts through the contact link on her website.

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5 Responses to Writing Challenge #19: Kathleen Lane’s Thing Collection

  1. jmmcdowell says:

    I think the money-making machine box is my favorite—remember, it’s for entertainment only!

    • Ha ha, yes! Love that one. So glad you popped over to visit Kathleen, jm. Her stories are full of surprising objects just like her collection. They’re so cool (the objects and the stories)!

  2. Laura, I may not do the challenge, but I can’t resist commenting on the last picture Kathleen put on her site. The doll head. Reminds me of my older brother’s frequent comment to me when I was a kid. “You’re a real doll … wooden head and all.” Gotta love the humor of our siblings !!

  3. Gigi Little says:

    Yes, yes, yes. Do this! I loved where using found objects as prompts took me in my writing, and I love this collection of things.

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