Dream Come True

Gigi Little, our Forest Avenue Press graphic designer, created this poster for our event.

Gigi Little, our Forest Avenue Press graphic designer, created this poster for our event.

These days, when you hear authors talking about the dream-come-true scenario of getting an agent, or a publishing deal, the dream isn’t always what they expected. Times have changed significantly.

Advances, for instance, I was told earlier this week by a knowledgable industry professional, are now intended to be invested in additional book publicity. Things aren’t how they used to be and they won’t ever go back, so we need to update our author dreams.

I hope, in opening Forest Avenue Press for submissions, that I’ll be able to make some authors’ dreams come true in 2013 and beyond.

Today, though, I want to tell you all that my personal author dream is coming true on Monday. We’re having a Brave on the Page event at Powell’s City of Books, which is the downtown legendary flagship store. The Pearl Room, where I’ll be introducing my authors and reading my flash essay, is where all the literary luminaries read when they visit Portland.

I’ll be there with nine Brave on the Page contributors at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 7, for readings and a panel discussion on the creative process. Kate Gray, Gina Ochsner, Gigi Little Robert Hill and I will read our essays from the book. Joanna Rose will moderate the panel, which will feature Kristy Athens, Jon Bell, Scott Sparling and Yuvi Zalkow. You can RSVP here on the Powell’s Facebook event page.

If you don’t live in Portland and want a copy of Brave on the Page, you can order a signed edition through Powell’s as long as you do so before our event! It’s a great deal–for $14, you get the book, as usual, but it’ll be signed by all ten authors. (And I should add that last week Brave on the Page made it to #2 on the Powell’s small press bestseller list recently, and if we get some more copies sold, maybe we can make it all the way to #1, which would be another dream come true!)

A number of years ago, my friend Tamara’s mom Diane painted a picture of the front of Powell’s. The marquee advertises a Laura Stanfill book signing. I have that picture at my desk where it inspires me to keep writing and keep working toward the dream of reading at Powell’s someday.

That dream will come true on Monday night. I’ll report back and share photos next week.

Have you had any writing dreams come true?

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16 Responses to Dream Come True

  1. I remember my dream coming true when I had my first publication. It was just an autobiographical essay in a local magazine, but to me it was what I had always hoped and dreamed for. Way to make others’ dreams come true!

    • It’s amazing to see that first byline, isn’t it Emily? My first real one (not newspaper/job related) was a poem in Rosebud, and I’m not even a poet really, but I still think about that experience and grin.

      Hopefully the chance to make authors’ dreams come true will propel me through the other side–having to say no to some worthy, beautiful manuscripts because we’re a very small business and we can’t publish everything we want to.

  2. Carrie Rubin says:

    Putting my own book up on my bookshelf was a nice little dream come true. 🙂 Congratulations!

  3. I wish I could be there, Laura. I know it will be a great night. Congrats!!

  4. onmounthood says:

    Congrats, Laura. A dream of so many writers, I’m sure! (Myself included…)

  5. Judy Fleagle says:

    Congratulations, Laura! Yes, Jon, a dream of mine too. I dreamed of writing for magazines and became an editor/staff writer for three. Then I dreamed of writing a book and finally got it done. . . So maybe I’ll keep on dreaming about Powell’s.

    • Thanks for your support, Judy. It never ceases to amaze me that we can have a dream, pursue it and achieve it. You should totally pitch Powell’s on a reading when your new book is out–it never hurts to ask!

  6. I’m with Carrie – there’s nothing like holding your book in your hands. Hugging an ebook is not the same. 🙂

    Have a great day on Monday!

  7. jmmcdowell says:

    How amazing to have that painting for inspiration. In all the excitement of the day, make sure someone gets a photo of you by the marquis and with any other signs announcing your signings!

    • I hadn’t thought of one of me in front of the store. Great idea, jm! And I will likely post a photo of the painting and one of the actual sign–a fun comparison! Forty-eight hours and counting… time to practice reading my essay and my introductions again. (I’ll be introducing four authors and talking about the book, so my intro part is actually longer than my 250-word flash essay!)

  8. Thanks for following me so that I could find this site. This sounds like a great event – shame it’s not in Oxford. Wishing you lots of luck – I actually teach writers how to read in public, so I know how difficult and nerve wracking it can be.

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