Success Stories: Polly Dugan’s Big Book News

You know the dream? The dream that starts with a call from an agent and continues with a two-book deal with a major New York publisher?

I’m so excited to announce that Polly Dugan, an Oregon writer I know, is now officially living the dream.

I met Polly through the Espresso Book Machine at Powell’s Books in 2012. In fact, if I have to pinpoint the moment when I decided to become a publisher, it was last year, maybe in June, sitting next to Polly at the EBM kiosk, talking about writing, the Espresso machine network around the world, and the potential to build a business around this local print-on-demand technology. I told her my idea about taking some interviews from my blog, adding fresh new essays by other writers, and turning the whole thing into a book.

She was enthusiastic from the start and instrumental in helping me with all the little steps in getting Brave on the Page into the world.

And now she has news. Big news.

Polly signed with powerhouse literary agent Wendy Sherman recently, and then yesterday Publishers Lunch announced her deal! Her linked story collection, So Much a Part of You, and her novel, The Sweetheart Deal, “pitched as similar to Elizabeth Strout, Joy Williams and Alice Munro,” were sold to Little, Brown in a pre-empt. The stories are slated for publication in spring 2014 with the novel following in spring 2015.

Congratulations, Polly! Thanks for everything you’ve done for Forest Avenue Press, and other writers and publishers, and thanks, too, for reminding us that dreams can come true even at this turbulent moment in the industry.


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13 Responses to Success Stories: Polly Dugan’s Big Book News

  1. Wow! That is tremendous news–congratulations to Polly!!

  2. Judy Fleagle says:

    Wow! That’s terrific! Posting these success stories encourages all of us.

  3. Jan BAross says:

    What is Seetheart Deal about? JB

  4. Laura, yet another good reason not to listen to too much “hype.” Congrats to Polly … great job 🙂

  5. Polly Dugan says:

    Laura, thank you so much for the terrific post and thanks to all your followers for their kind words and support!

  6. jmmcdowell says:

    Wow, that sounds amazing! I’d be pinching myself constantly if I ever got news like that! Congratulations to Polly!

  7. Ah… Great news! Congratulations to Polly!

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