HomeWord Bound

I love attending HomeWord Bound, the annual literary themed fundraiser for Community Partners for Affordable Housing. And this year, I attended as one of the guest authors! (Well, guest editors…)

It was lovely to sit with so many extremely talented Oregon writers who published books in the last calendar year, including TJ Brown, Carter Sickels, Karen Karbo, April Henry, Yuvi Zalkow, Rob DeBorde, Brian Doyle, and Scott Farris.

The featured authors, all of whom gave wonderful speeches, were Kim Stafford, Whitney Otto, and Daniel H. Wilson.

Kim Stafford, the author of 100 Tricks Every Boy Can Do, talked about the theme of the evening: having a home to call one’s own. He compared books and houses in relation to the sense of refuge they offer.

Whitney Otto prepared a visual presentation about the real-life photographers in her latest novel, Eight Girls Taking Pictures.

Daniel H. Wilson, author of Amped and Robopocalypse, compared his work as a robotocist and a novelist and shared his love of science and science fiction. “I can’t choose between them, but I think they’re the same in a lot of ways.” Both robots and novels, when complete, get sent into the world with a particular purpose, and then people react to them independently from their creator. He also detailed his meeting with Steven Spielberg about the film version of his novel, calling it “kind of like winning the nerd lottery.”

Here are a few photos of the evening. I haven’t seen any final figures about the fundraising, but the paddle-raising portion earned $18,000 for Community Partners for Affordable Housing.

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2 Responses to HomeWord Bound

  1. Christi Krug says:

    Thanks for capturing the memories of this great evening, Laura! You were an especially approachable and credible guest author, and your fans appreciated your presence.

  2. Laura, I love the sense of community you have and the way you share in your accomplishments by helping others. Kudos to you 🙂

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