My Favorite New Writing Resource

I love people who exude positivity, people who look at the world and see opportunities to grow and learn. That kind of glass-half-full outlook is contagious.

Christi Krug's new book, Burn Wild, is a wonderful resource for creative writers.

Christi Krug’s new book, Burn Wild, is a wonderful resource for creative writers.

Christi Krug, the founder of Wildfire Writing, brings that kind of positivity  to writers in her work as a creative writing coach. She nurtures others as they nurture their projects. Now Christi has combined her go-for-it attitude with practical exercises in her new book, Burn Wild: A Writer’s Guide to Creative Breakthrough, released April 1 by Squiggle Press.

Burn Wild is available through Amazon in paperback and as an ebook. 

This compact guide is like having a cheerleader on your desk. Seriously. It’s full of motivation, true joyfulness, and motivation, packaged in lovely little chapters that are perfect to read as primers before your writing time begins.

In Burn Wild, Christi puts her can-do philosophy to work by guiding writers through the process of putting words on the page–and through bumps and blockages and the negative self-talk that often halt creative progress. Christi refers to the internal editor–that voice that hinders work and thwarts innovation–as Dr. Codger, encouraging us to banish him during the drafting stages.

“Once you have a body of work to refine and polish, you can let him back in the room, and he’ll nod and give you pointers over his clipboard,” Christi writes.

Burn Wild includes ninety-nine “Sparks,” original exercises to get your creative fires blazing. Some of the exercises are about writing, but many are about life and in particular, finding a place for one’s creative voice amid everyday living–trying a different art form, making a list, saying no to a potential commitment, are among the exercises.

While Burn Wild is great for helping veteran writers overcome blocks or rekindle lost magic, it’s especially wonderful for new writers, and even very young writers–anyone who needs some inspiration and guidance from a seasoned professional writing coach. I ordered a second copy of Burn Wild for my niece, who wants to be a novelist. The book offers exactly the kind of thoughtful encouragement that makes a huge impact in terms of banishing the “what ifs” and worries when a writer sits down at the blank page and doesn’t know what to do next.

Christi embroiders many of the Burn Wild chapters with original poems by writers she knows, bits of story, and personal anecdotes about real writers and their experiences. My work with Forest Avenue Press, and Brave on the Page, for instance, is featured in a section about publishing. There’s something so refreshing in reading about real writers, their challenges and successes, and even their failures. While the tone is firmly encouraging and upbeat, this isn’t a plastic-smile book, either. Christi’s desire to help writers achieve creative breakthrough features her acknowledgement of different kinds of struggles and roadblocks, how to recognize them, name them, and finally surmount them.

See what I mean about having a cheerleader on your desk?

Learn more about Christi and Wildfire Writing at her website. 

Do you know anyone who exudes positivity? Who looks at challenges as opportunities to grow? What are some of your favorite writing craft books?

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4 Responses to My Favorite New Writing Resource

  1. melissajanda says:

    Oh, I know all about that internal editor! I affectionately refer to her as LB for “left brain” although “lamebrain” would work too since she foolishly interrupts the creative flow of right brain 🙂 My favorite book on the craft of writing is Stephen King’s On Writing. This one looks interesting. I’ll have to check it out.

    • I love lamebrain, Melissa! That’s great. And so is On Writing. It’s a classic. I changed my approach to the craft when I read that, and it’s probably high time I read it again. Thanks for stopping by!

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