Spring at the Rhododendron Garden

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12 Responses to Spring at the Rhododendron Garden

  1. jcmarckx2009 says:

    Lovely pics! I want to go to there.

    • It’s really an amazing hidden oasis here in Portland. I should go more often; a friend invited me this time, and I just need to put it on my annual spring list!

  2. Great photos! And those baby geese, adooorrrable (said in my most ridiculous, highest pitched voice).

    • We saw several groups of geese and their goslings headed toward the pond for a dip, and they were soooo cute! All of them just waddling down the path that the humans were using, looking around and enjoying the day.

    • That means a lot, especially coming from you, Naomi! (By the way, I’ll be up in Seattle in September or October for a book reading at Elliott Bay Book Company and would love to see you.)

      • Let me know when, Laura. I have some storytelling gigs in October, but if I’m in town, I’ll come, and maybe I can get some of my writing friends to come too.

        • That’d be amazing, Naomi! I think it’ll be between Sept. 12-Oct. 9, but I’ll let you know when I have a firm date. It’d be great to give you a big hug and thank you for the beauty your blog brings to my days!

  3. jmmcdowell says:

    Is there a more beautiful sight than spring bursting forth?

  4. One of my favorite city spaces! Your photos are delectable. I especially like the one with the caption “Jumping in the sky…or water.” Great shot!

    • Thanks, Cynthia! My friend and I hit the jackpot in terms of weather for photography that day–just cloudy enough to avoid sharp shadows, but with enough blue sky to get those reflection pictures.

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