Good News in Author-Land

Artist and writer Julia Stoops visits with Jackie Shannon Hollis, another writer, at the opening of her art exhibit at PCC-Sylvania last month.

At the opening of her exhibit at PCC-Sylvania last month, artist and writer Julia Stoops visits with Jackie Shannon Hollis, another writer.

It seems like after many years of hard work, staring down the blank page, a number of my writer-friends have been getting recognized for their talents. There has been so much good news in my community lately.

For instance, my longtime writing friend Amber Krieger was interviewed in Carve this week.

Her story, “It Was So Long Ago,” was chosen as Editor’s Choice in 2010, and it was recently picked for a Story Spotlight. Read “It Was So Long Ago” here.

I remember hearing parts of this story at the Pinewood Table critique group, a local seminar-like writing circle co-taught by Joanna Rose and Stevan Allred for twenty-some years. In the interview, Amber talks about how the story developed, what the Editor’s Choice designation meant to her writing career, and her recent publications, which include having an essay in Brave on the Page: Oregon Writers on Craft and the Creative Life, the anthology I edited and published in 2012.

Other recent good news includes Julia Stoops‘ art exhibit at Portland Community College-Sylvania (see photo); Christi Krug’s release of Burn Wild: A Writer’s Guide to Creative Breakthrough; Marcia Riefer Johnston’s release of Word Up!: How to Write Powerful Paragraphs and Sentences (And Everything You Build from Them); Liz Scott and Bridget Harwell’s new book Lies: The Truth about the Self-Deception That Limits Your Life; and the release of the paperback version of Jon Bell’s On Mount Hood. I’ll likely revisit some of these achievements in more depth in coming weeks and months; it has been hard to keep up with so much positivity while working on deadline to get Stevan Allred’s book out.

(Yes, the Stevan Allred who taught Amber and me at the Pinewood Table. And that’s a whole other story, going from fledgling novelist to gatekeeper, and it’s a story that I have now written in essay form for a literary journal, and I’ll let you know when it’s out. Speaking of more good news.)

Whose successes and achievements are you celebrating these days? Feel free to share links!

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6 Responses to Good News in Author-Land

  1. Laura, I have three members from an on-line chapter that launch this spring. Amy Sue Nathan, Glass Wives, Laura Drake, Sweet Spot and Rosemary Debatiste, Murder Maranara. I love to share in the success and excitment with other writers. Great post !!

  2. Amber Krieger says:

    Thanks, Laura and congrats on placing your essay. Looking forward to reading it when it comes out!

  3. I look forward to reading that essay.

    My achievements recently were finishing my series of mystery stories ( , and… well, something coming in a couple of days. Not ready quite yet. 🙂

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