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It’s amazing how much I can get done, novel-writing wise, when I have the time to sit and work. I’ve been doing tiny little edits in fifteen or twenty-minute stretches lately. That’s what fits between my small press work, which … Continue reading

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Oregonian Layoffs

Last week, we learned the Oregonian, our newspaper here in Portland, is going to quit daily delivery service. I’ve been a subscriber since 2001. I felt so adult when the first one arrived on my doorstep at the tiny white … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Phil Duncan, YA Debut Novelist, on Structure, Character Naming, and Working with a Local Press

Yancey Muncy is an ordinary teenage boy. He’s a middle child, flanked by two super-smart siblings, and he’s plagued with acne, an unfortunate nickname, and a big-time crush on a girl he has never spoken to. But at the start … Continue reading

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I Have a Book on Amazon–Now What?

When I published Brave on the Page: Oregon Writers on Craft and the Creative Life last October, I made the decision to use the Espresso Book Machine at Powell’s, and the Espresso worldwide network as my primary distributor. Up until now, the … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Lauren Kessler on Counterclockwise, Narrative Nonfiction, and Technology Use in Media

Lauren Kessler actively engages in her material, whether it’s working with Alzheimer’s patients, sitting through middle school classes or sweating through a two-week fitness bootcamp. She funnels research, interviews and hands-on experience through her own perspective, distilling all that material … Continue reading

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