Ellen Urbani in The New York Times

ellen_retouch_04Ellen Urbani, whose novel Landfall is forthcoming from my press in August, has an essay being published in The New York Times on Sunday!

Read A Flower Delivery That Brought More Pain Than Pleasure.

Landfall is the one and only title Forest Avenue Press is publishing in 2015, and it’s set during Hurricane Katrina. We’re launching it on August 29, the tenth anniversary of the devastating storm’s landfall.

I’m so excited about the buzz we’re getting so far, including blurbs from Fannie Flagg, Tony D’Souza, Monica Drake, and Pat Conroy, who said this:

“With her new novel Landfall, Ellen Urbani enters the world of American fiction with a bang and a flourish. She brings back the terrible Hurricane Katrina that tore some of the heart out of the matchless city of New Orleans, but did not lay a finger on its soul. It is the story of people caught in that storm and the lives both ruined and glorified in its passage. Her descriptions of the flooding of the Ninth Ward are Faulknerian in their powers. It’s a hell of a book and worthy of the storm and times it describes.”

– Pat Conroy, author of The Prince of Tides

We have PDFs and epub review copies available now, with paperbacks coming soon. If you’re a book blogger, bookseller, reviewer, or book club member, and Landfall sounds like the type of novel you enjoy, contact me through the press to reserve your copy. Ellen is doing an extensive national tour, with particular focus on the south, so stay tuned for itinerary and whether she’s coming to your town!

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9 Responses to Ellen Urbani in The New York Times

  1. Liz says:

    Wow, Laura! So so great!


    Sent from my iPad


  2. Look at you guys go!! I’m cheering for you here in CT! Thrilled! And oh, Ellen’s essay!! It really resonates with me. Here’s to great things in 2015 for Forest Press and all your authors (and YOU!).

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  4. Laura, this is so exciting. I look forward to reading Landfall. I am finding my way back to the blog community and pleased that your blog welcomed me home. All I can say is that Forest Press is happening … Congrats to you and Ms. Urbani 🙂

  5. Wonderful essay, love the author photo here, and I can’t wait to read the book! Congrats!

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