Small press publishing highlights

I’ve been fixated this summer–no surprise–on publishing, the small press world, and community building, and here are a few links and highlights.

The Atlantic

Everyone interested in small presses should read “American Literature Needs Indie Presses,” an exciting piece by Nathan Scott McNamara in The Atlantic. He quotes some of the hot independent presses in New York and other cities and focuses on the importance of putting out books that can be part of the conversation, earn national awards, and receive other recognition.

I was particularly interested in his comments on length, citing several noted 160-page novels. I’ve found my own taste as a publisher has been running closer to the 60,000-word mark lately–not 160 pages but perhaps 250, and still a far cry from the “norm” of 80,000 for literary fiction.

Froelich’s Ladder

Froelich's Ladder Front Cover for webWe have our next book coming out on Aug. 9, and it’s shipping to bookstores around the country right this very minute thanks to our distributor, Legato Publishers Group!

When Froelich disappears from the fourth-tallest ladder in the world, his nephew’s quest to find him interlaces with the journeys of two spunky young women who outwit their guardians. In a Wild West populated with immigrants, skittish Civil War veterans, hungry clouds, a circus menagerie, and a few murderers, this fairy-tale twist on the American dream explores the conflict between loyalty and ambition, and the need for connection, even at the highest rungs.

You can read about the cover design process from the author’s perspective over on The Quivering Pen, David Abrams’s blog.

And Jamie will be touring nationally, so check out his schedule!

If you’re looking for a quick, fun read, and to support a small press trying to change the world one story at a time, stop by your neighborhood store and see if they have Froelich’s Ladder. The stores took the time to support an indie press, and now it’s up to Forest Avenue and our publicity efforts to get readers into those stores.

Entropy Magazine

A recent find–thanks to being asked to do an interview–is the amazing small press database created by Entropy Magazine. The questions about the indie press world, and how each press answers them, will help writers find good matches for their work while offering a reality check about the ins and outs of the business and today’s content, content, content climate.

I’m #102–Forest Avenue Press.


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