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Tree Ornaments, Reading Tips, and Other Midweek Reflections

Just because you’re allergic to a Christmas tree doesn’t (apparently) mean you’re allergic to all of them. It took our fake tree breaking to try again, even though we live in Christmas-tree land here in Oregon. All my favorite holiday … Continue reading

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Wordstock 2013

Stories about stories. Stories about writers, about how publishers do what they do, and how publicists help. Stories about readers finding texts, readers greeting their favorite authors, and the next great book. Wordstock 2013, while not as well attended due … Continue reading

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Universe to Laura: Write

I sat in the audience at Powell’s on Sept. 12 when my mentor Joanna Rose presented my other mentor, Stevan Allred, with a ream of blank printer paper with a bow on it. She explained the significance. When a member … Continue reading

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Publicity Payoffs: Emily January

I’ve been working on this one book for nine months, which isn’t long in terms of writing a book, seeing as it usually takes me five to seven years to finish a manuscript. But I haven’t been writing this particular … Continue reading

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Summertime, Summertime

This gallery contains 11 photos.

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For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow

As a novelist, I never write short stories. But one somehow came together during my novel drafting, featuring my protagonist Henri. I read the piece out loud at an event, and as a result, I was encouraged to submit it … Continue reading

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It’s amazing how much I can get done, novel-writing wise, when I have the time to sit and work. I’ve been doing tiny little edits in fifteen or twenty-minute stretches lately. That’s what fits between my small press work, which … Continue reading

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Oregonian Layoffs

Last week, we learned the Oregonian, our newspaper here in Portland, is going to quit daily delivery service. I’ve been a subscriber since 2001. I felt so adult when the first one arrived on my doorstep at the tiny white … Continue reading

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Link Soup

Some wonderful links to share: I love this post from Kristen Forbes who turns a painful breakup into a novel breakthrough. But before you read that, read this: I Have an Eating Disorder and No One in My Life Knows, … Continue reading

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The Art of the Author Photo

Like many people, I prefer being behind the camera. That’s why I was thrilled (and a little terrified) when Christi Krug invited me to a portrait photo session with fellow author and entrepreneur Edee Lemonier. It was time to get some professional … Continue reading

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