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Guest Post: Alisha Churbe on “Sometimes Lies Must Be Told”

This is the third guest post on the craft of writing in our series by authors of The Night, and the Rain, and the River, a short story anthology edited by Liz Prato, and published by my press, Forest Avenue Press, … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Steve Denniston on Mixing Comedy with Tragedy

This is the second guest post in an occasional series by authors of short stories collected in my press’ newest release, The Night, and the Rain, and the River, available at your local bookstore or online in paperback and ebook formats. … Continue reading

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Visiting The Bookshelf Muse, My Radio Interview with Sheila Hamilton and More Good News!

I’m so excited to be a guest over at The Bookshelf Muse today, sharing details about my experience using the Espresso Book Machine as the Forest Avenue Press printer and primary distributor. In Why I Love the Espresso Book Machine, … Continue reading

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I’m visiting two exceptional blogs this week, as part of releasing Brave on the Page.  Anthony Lee Collins of U-town and Naomi Baltuck of Writing Between the Lines were kind enough to host me. They’re both among the most vocal contributors … Continue reading

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Writing and Bravery

Kate, the prolific and thoughtful blogger over at 4amwriter, graciously invited me to write a guest post this week. My piece, Being Brave as Writers, was inspired by Kristen Forbes’ flash essay, “Brave on the Page,” which in turn lent its title … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Anthony Lee Collins on the Art of Serial Fiction

I’m thrilled to host prolific blogger and serial fiction author Anthony Lee Collins. Unlike most novelists working today, Anthony publishes chapters of his novels online as he’s writing them. It’s the lost art of serialization made fresh and new on … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Emma Burcart on a Writing Room of One’s Own

I’m so excited to introduce author Emma Burcart today. Her fiction merges women’s issues and literary sensibilities into a tantalizing blend of humor, relationship wisdom and beautiful language. Emma’s one of the most driven people I know in terms of … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Emerald Barnes on What to Expect as a Writer

I’m so pleased to share this guest post, “What to Expect as a Writer,” by author Emerald Barnes. Her published novella, PIERCING THROUGH THE DARKNESS, is available through Amazon and Smashwords, and Emerald blogs at Dreaming Awake. I’m especially thrilled to … Continue reading

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