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Product or Process–Which Kind of Writer Are You?

There are two types of knitters. Product knitters love the finished product. That’s their reason for knitting: a beautiful object to wear or give away. Process knitters prefer the act to the end result. They knit for the stitches, not … Continue reading

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My Daughter’s Giant Stocking (and Issues of Gauge)

Knitters are supposed to check their gauge before starting a project. That means knitting a little swatch, counting the stitches per inch, and seeing if the result matches up with the pattern requirements. If so, great. If not, it’s necessary … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge #11: Finish Something

I used to joke I had only knit three socks. Not three pairs. Three socks. My first pair came together rather quickly.¬†Excited by the outcome, I began a second pair in a lovely reddish-pink Colinette Jitterbug yarn. I completed one … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween Weekend!

And now for a question: Anyone have a good ghost story? I’m working on fleshing out my spiritualist character and it seems like the proximity to All Hallow’s Eve should help me. Instead I’m focused on baking, costumes and other … Continue reading

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Some Summer Snapshots: Why I Love Portland

Preschool begins Monday, so it seems like the perfect time to look back at the past few months. Rainy, gray days here in Portland, Oregon, eventually turned into a beautiful summer. Since June, I have posted ten Seven Questions interviews, … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge #8: Behind-the-Scenes Engineering

I recently completed Cascade, a baby cardigan, for a friend due this month. What looks like a sweet, simple leaf design is actually a complex feat of engineering. The designer is Raya Budrevich of Blissful Knits & Dyeworks, known for … Continue reading

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Sock Summit 2011–Oh, the Colors!

Even non-knitting writers need a dash of color as inspiration once in a while, so I can’t help sharing a few photos from this weekend’s Sock Summit in Portland, Oregon. If you’re a writer and keep reading past all the … Continue reading

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