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Sherry Turkle and Being Alone Together

On Monday, July 30, I heard a fabulous lecture about technology and how it defines our relationships. Sherry Turkle, an MIT professor, spoke about being “Alone Together” at Chautauqua Institution, New York. I wrote down some key points to share, … Continue reading

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The Espresso Book Machine

I recently met with Polly Dugan, a consultant with the Espresso Book Machine located at Powell’s Books in downtown Portland, Oregon. The EBM arrived at Powell’s, in the Purple Room, on May 4. It’s a quick, easy way to access … Continue reading

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Check Out This Innovative Novel Website

It’s really hard to write query letters. And synopses, for that matter. Can you imagine putting together a website that effectively promotes your novel? Author and website designer Julia Stoops did just that for her book PARTS PER MILLION. The result is … Continue reading

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Flipback Books, Part 3: The KJV Transetto Bible

While running my series on flipback books, I heard from Amanda Taylor, a marketing and sales executive with Cambridge University Press. She graciously sent me a copy of the one English language flipback available right now. It’s a Bible. Specifically, the … Continue reading

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All You Want to Know About the Flipback Book (Part 1)

Could the flipback revolutionize publishing? Definitely. Here’s why, starting with a definition of this innovative book format for those of you who missed Patrick Kingsley’s column in the Guardian. While flipbacks certainly play into the smaller-is-better trend in entertainment, unlike e-readers, no … Continue reading

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Flipbacks: The Latest Publishing Trend?

My librarian friend Tamara sent me a link to this Guardian article about the lightweight flipback book format that’ll be available in England this summer. It’s portable, pocketable and obviously marketable. The Sly Oyster reports the flipback debuted in Holland in … Continue reading

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AP Announces a (Shocking!) Style Update

I just ran across this Huffington Post story about recent changes to the AP Stylebook, “the journalist’s bible,” and it feels like the black-and-white world has tilted a bit. As of this past weekend, there’s no longer a dash in … Continue reading

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Interview: Artist Jacob Fennell on Game Design, Inspiration and the Challenge of Creating ‘Productive Reductions’

Interdisciplinary artist Jacob Fennell is the brains behind Muddy Paws, an addictive new iPhone game that has an extremely high happiness quotient. Think puppies! Kittens wearing parachutes! And rainbows! The object is to catch falling furry friends in a little … Continue reading

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