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2014 Fellowship and Other Good News

Wow. My press received a 2014 Oregon Literary Fellowship! You can see the full list of winners here, as well as the finalists for the Oregon Book Award, all just announced this morning. Thanks to Literary Arts for their recognition. I … Continue reading

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Creative Momentum

As we begin 2014, I am taking stock of the state of my writing life. And it’s really, right now, a publishing life. I have a hundred deadlines, or more, for tiny pieces of the publishing process, and three books … Continue reading

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Tree Ornaments, Reading Tips, and Other Midweek Reflections

Just because you’re allergic to a Christmas tree doesn’t (apparently) mean you’re allergic to all of them. It took our fake tree breaking to try again, even though we live in Christmas-tree land here in Oregon. All my favorite holiday … Continue reading

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Toward or Towards

I’m pretty much a stickler for grammar rules. My newspaper background included drilling on AP Style rules, and because none of the papers I worked for had the budget to buy its reporters copies of this guide, I bought my … Continue reading

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Quiet Novels

Yesterday author Suzy Vitello very kindly highlighted my Late Night Library interview and, in particular, my definition of a quiet novel on her blog, Let’s Talk about Writing. And she used those things as a springboard to ask her blog … Continue reading

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Cyber Monday–and a Note about Amazon’s Stocking Practices

Happy Cyber Monday! We’re offering a crazy discount today for Stevan Allred’s debut linked short story collection, A Simplified Map of the Real World–$5 off the $18 book if you buy it on our Gumroad page, plus the free ebook version … Continue reading

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My Publisher Hat

My life-long goal has been to write novels and, secondarily, have someone want to publish them. But last night, on the phone, a college sophomore called requesting to update my information. I told her I don’t work in the newspaper … Continue reading

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Two Author Interviews

I’m a little over my head with press stuff right now, so besides Rob Yardumian, I’ve been quiet on the Seven Questions front. But I’d love to share links to two recent author interviews. Liz Prato I just discovered this wonderful … Continue reading

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Editing on Paper

I’m at the very tail end of editing my press’ March book, The Gods of Second Chances by Dan Berne. It’s amazing how a manuscript that has been read and revised multiple times can still need tweaks once it’s in bound book … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Rob Yardumian on Inspiration, POV, and Writing Songs

Rob Yardumian’s enchanting, sun-filled debut novel, The Sound of Songs Across the Water, transports readers to a heat-soaked California back yard in the 1990s where two former bandmates have resolved to put aside old differences to make a record. Rob’s … Continue reading

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