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Preschooler Love: Sweet Little Snippets of Paper

For me, Valentine’s Day has always been about more than romance. I use it as an excuse to express love and appreciation for friends and family. For one thing, it’s my mother’s birthday, so growing up we celebrated her with … Continue reading

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Sharing Some Handmade Love

These class valentines took a few weeks to complete, mostly because my daughter kept giving the finished ones away at playdates. She cut, glued, stickered, glittered, watercolored, markered and occasionally asked me for help. They’re not slick, or even uniform … Continue reading

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Handwritten Cards (Not Really Written)

Since 2002 or so, I’ve been making my own holiday cards. The extra effort and attention pays off in a lower-cost result, as well as a message that’s truly from me. This year’s cards are mostly in the mail, except … Continue reading

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