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Writing Challenge #17: Cutting Back on Minor Characters

Writing Challenge #16 focused on using organic metaphors to lend your minor characters more personality. This one is about the opposite–dealing with too many minor characters. Is your novel-in-progress full of bit players who are sitting around doing very little … Continue reading

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The Plot’s Intact, But Where’s the Motivation?

As I’ve mentioned, I’m new to writing plot-first. One of the biggest risks, apparently, is feeling disconnected from my characters. I know how my protagonist Henri reacts to the world around him, but not why. He thinks he’s living on borrowed … Continue reading

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Before and After

Some objects are more important than others. Take this Starbucks coffee cup, one of two sent to us by my husband’s friend in Korea. We’ve enjoyed the significance of the gift as much as the object itself. Often in fiction, … Continue reading

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